The Arkanist's defense (A)

Arkanist's defense
Creator Arkanist Okniros
Type Wondrous
Found at Themberchaud's pile
Attunement Yes

In the waning days of the Eternal and Everlasting Empire Arkanist Okrniros created for himself a minor fortune producing items for the "security aware Arkanist". That these items have survived is a testament to his skill.

+1 Saving throws
While attuned to this item the following spells can be cast through it as if they were known and prepared using the caster's own spell slots
Cantrip: Booming blade, Mage hand
1st: Mage armor, Shield, Thunderwave

Casting using charges: The spells can also be cast using the staff's charges, caster's own spell attack and spell DC.
Replenishing charges: The staff can hold 10 charges, replenish 1d4+1 after each long rest. It can also be charged by spending spell slots into it, regains charges equal half the total level of spell slots spent, rounded down.

Secret Stuff

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