Battlerager's arms

Battlerager's arms
Creator Unknown Mountain dwarf
Type Armor
Found at In Themberchaud's pile
Attunement Yes
Previous Owner Temberchaud
Other Upgradeable

These spiked pauldrons with matching gauntlets were once made for the legendary Dwarven Battleragers, an elite force of Dwarven shocktroopers who rushed in battle with no regards to their own safety. With their spiked armor they themselves became a weapon and many foes met their demise impaled on Battlerager armor.

+1 to AC. The pauldons and gauntlets can be worn without being considered armored, or they can be attached to another piece of armor.
+1 to attack and damage rolls
Reaction, on melee weapon hit: When attacked by a melee weapon the wearer can attempt to grab and lock the attacker's weapons by making an opposed attack roll (vs the attacker's attack). If successful the attacker's weapon is grabbed in the gauntlet and the attacker is considered grappled unless it frees itself or lets go of it's weapon. While a weapon is grabbed any attack rolls with that hand sufferes disadvantage. Due to the intricate locking mechanism an action is required to release the weapon.
Spiked charge: When moving at least 20ft in a straight line before attacking the first attack deals another 1d6 piercing damage (2d6 at 5th, 3d6 at 11th etc). If the target is at least one size smaller than the wearer it is considered grappled as it is impaled on the spikes.

This suit of armour lacks pieces. Such as helm and, well, armour.

Secret Stuff

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