Beard Braided Belt (A)

Beard Braided Belt
Creator Various, Anton
Type Belt, Wondrous
Found at Steading of the Hill Giants
Owner Anton
Attunement Yes

A belt braided of beards
benefit bases on beards braided
better bonus from beneficial beards

This belt, while in poor condition, is clearly made out of woven hairs. Possibly beards. By reinforning the Beard Braided Belt with long enough hairs from creatures it gains properties from those creatures. The more of a creature woven into it the more pronounced the properties become, while suppressing others. Currently it is mostly made out of Dwarf hairs giving the wearer 17 Strength and the Dwarven Resistance trait.

Dwarf STR15+ Dwarven resilience STR STR
Hill Giant STR 17+ STR STR STR
Fire Giant 19+ Fire resistance STR STR
Yennoughu Hunter's mark (recharge 6) N/A N/A
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