Drunk's Bane

Drunk's Bane
Type Wondrous
Found at Old grave in the Darklake
Owner Dag
Attunement No

This mug turns any liquid put in it to clear, fresh, healthy and refreshing water. Up to 3 gallons of water can be poured out of it for each time it's filled.


Session 6-2

Across the Darklake

With everyone on board the keelboat Shooshar steered it out into the dark. Hours went by and the old lady's cavern became caverns. Boredom set in and suddenly the boat was jerked to a stop with it's fore protruding out of the water. Investigating it you fund the boat had run aground on an old sarcophagus. Dislodging the boat you set on to plunder the unfortunate sarcophagus. Despite being under water the mummy was in good condition, and everything else. But as you disturbed the remains it's guardian rose only to be swiftly vanquished. Searching the room, eroded by ages of water flowing through it, you found a small niche with another type of stone set into it. Despite your efforts no secrets were uncovered.

As you got closer to Sloobludop Shooshar warned you of an old Duergar lock stuctrure called the Quad Drain. Finding old wayrunes you whose meaning you couldn't quite make out their meaning, which led you to take the wrong passage, the one leading towards the drain. Acting quickly you managed to steer the boat into a small side passage, with faster and faster waters. Two broken oars but only minor hull damage you found yourself in Sloobludop cavern.

Session 7-4


With your new guide Hemeth skillfully guiding you across the Darklake you found yourselves at the Gracklstugh docks before long. There you were greeted by some guards who after you declared you were carrying Wreit's fungi started acting suspiciously. Since the fungi were of the narcotic variety non-Duergar weren't allowed to be in the possession of them, so they would have to be confiscated. You got the feeling one of the packs would "disappear". Before any illicit activity could happen their Sergent ended his invisibility and set his guards straight. The fungi was confiscated, but you were promised a message would be sent to Saltbaron, Wreit's patron, telling him to pick them up and if he so felt inclined to award you. You were also told to quarter yourself at Ghohlbrorn's Lair, the only inn for non-duergar. Once you had got your rooms you went to the market to sell the wares you had so far acquired. The Mundane cup you had found in the sarcophagus earlier you got identified as the Drunks' Bane.

Secret stuffs

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