Duplicate ring (A)

Duplicate ring
Type Wondrous
Found at Themberchaud's pile
Attunement Yes

Bonus action, 1 charge: Expend a charge for a duplicate of yourself to appear in your space while allowing you to disengage freely from engaged opponents. During the same action you can direct your duplicate to make a weapon attack, as if you made it, against one target within reach. On future turn you can move your duplicate up to your movement, triggering attacks of opportunity as normal, and make a weapon attack. The duplicate have same AC as it's creator upon creation but only 1 hit point, it also looks and behaves in the same way as it's creator. Lasts for 1 minute

Charge recovery: The ring can have up to 5 charges, recharges 1d4+1 after each long rest. It can also be charged by spending spell slots into it, regains charges equal half the total level of spell slots spent, rounded down.

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