Haft of Ages

Sentient haft
Type Weapon
Found at Themberchaud's pile
Attunement No. It attunes to you, not the other way around
Other Upgradeable, find common goals and achieve it

Throughout history and in most corners of the world there are legends and myths about Heroes, Villains and Monsters wielding weapons of legend. Many legends includes a weapon that changes it's change, size and function between swings. Quarterstaff into axe into maul and so on. What the legends also say is that the weapon is seldom found. By some magic it have disappeared. Whether that is because the legend focuses on it's wielder rather than the weapon is difficult to say. The only thing certain is that the haft reappears in other legends.

+1 to attack and damage rolls
As a free action can change to any hafted weapon


Secret stuffs

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