Haft of Ages

Sentient haft
Type Weapon
Found at Themberchaud's pile
Attunement No. It attunes to you, not the other way around
Other Upgradeable, find common goals and achieve it

Throughout history and in most corners of the world there are legends and myths about Heroes, Villains and Monsters wielding weapons of legend. Many legends includes a weapon that changes it's change, size and function between swings. Quarterstaff into axe into maul and so on. What the legends also say is that the weapon is seldom found. By some magic it have disappeared. Whether that is because the legend focuses on it's wielder rather than the weapon is difficult to say. The only thing certain is that the haft reappears in other legends.

+2 to attack rolls and +1 to damage rolls
As a free action can change to any hafted weapon

Glory - After defeating a group of mooks (minions, brutes etc GM's discretion) can use one attack to show off your prowess and boast of it. Make a Intimidation(strength) or Intimidation(charisma) check vs an enemy commander's resolve (this is usually their Charisma score + CR), on success all enemies within 30ft of you have disadvantage on their attacks rolls and must their their movement to move away from you.


Session 11-1

Feeling treasured

Emerging from the treasure pile before the carcass it the ground you found yourself carrying various items, trinkets and other items. Thanking Themberchaud for it's generosity you humbly left it's lair, but not before it reminding you to bring it's egg back. After traversing the city you locked yourself in your quarters at the Ghohlbron's Lair and started to figured out what you had. Two days later you emerged decked almost from head to toe with magical equipment. And Anton found a friend.

Session 32-1

Enter Highport

Using knowledge from your newfound ally, including the spell Teleportation Circle and knowledge of circles, you with great haste went to Highport for business. There you acquired new fancy armours, sold jewellery and got involved in pit fights. All while getting some days of great nice rest. During the pit fights Anton's haft took great joy in inflicting as much gore and violence as possible.

Secret stuffs

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