Mystic ink
Mystic ink
Type Wondrous
Found at Themberchaud's pile

This ink, when used sparingly never seems to run out, is often used by the Runelords. The Runelords are a mythical order of mostly stone giants and dwarves seeking stillness and insight through meditation and painting of runes. These runes often end up forming elaborate patterns and places where a Runelord have dwelt are filled with these patters, at a long-time location they often end up carved into whatever material is available. The ink uses when painting the runes end up infused and can confer it to where it's used next.

When you spend your meditation to regain ki you can paint runes and other patters on you gaining the following, until the end of your next long rest. Using the inks more than once between long rests allows you to change the damage resistance, but due to the ink put on your body and you have to succeed on a DC 10+#uses CON save or take one level of exhaustion (DC starts at 12). Martial arts die can only be improved once.
Martial arts die improves one step (d4->d6->d8 etc)
Choose two damage types, you gain resistance to damage of those types. Choose from: Acid, Fire, Cold, Lightning, Thunder and Force

After study of angelfeathers: Choose from Necrotic, Radiant as well

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