Sword of focus (A)

Sword of focus
Type Weapon
Found at Themberchaud's pile
Attunement Yes
Other Upgradeable

While wielding this sword, light for it's size, the wielder is much more focused than normal.

+1 to attack and damage rolls. Versatile, 2d4 when used one-handed and 2d6 when used with both hands.
Resistance to Psychic damage
Offensive focus: As a free action the wielder fan choose to focus on the offense gaining +2 to attack and damage rolls while suffering -2 to AC and saving throws.
Defensive focus: As a free action the wielder fan choose to focus on the defense gaining +2 to AC and saving throws while suffering -2 to attack and damage rolls.

The foci last until ended as a free action. While focusing the wielder furthermore suffers -5 on checks and saves related to finding and overcoming environmental challenges, traps and the like. The wielder also misses subtle clues in it's surroundings due to being narrowly focused.


When a weapon attack made by a creature that you can see within weapon range fails you can use your reaction to make one weapon attack against the creature.


Upon a failed weapon attack you gain +1 cumulative to future attacks. This bonus resets upon making a successful weapon attack

Secret Stuff

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