Revolution 2: All about the Drama

Revolution 2: All about the Drama
Date September 2nd
Ingame dates May 6th

Revolution 2-1

At the Oubliette

Worried about the dramaturge Emanuel Clement joined the guards as they were escorting him back. At the oubliette he made sure he was processed fairly and got to hear what the play was about.

Revolution 2-2

First words

Meantime the scholar Luydmilla in her anger and indignation started writing a scathing tirade about the injustices. While not objectively good in her mind it was fit for purpose. Knowing another scholar of liberal beliefs she decided to seek out Adams Edison, professor of journalism, who unfortunately was not available.

Failed tests for philosophy and composition
Failed to circle up mr Edison

Revolution 2-3

More drama

With Emanuel facing severe punishment for just setting up a play Seraphim decided to commission a satirical play about himself to show it is OK to even laugh about estranged prince. Finding a minor dramaturge named Andre the two entered negotiations. A fee was paid and a promise to get a writ of approval for the play from the king given. Andre needed insurances he would not suffer the same fate as Emanuel.

Failed circles test for Andre, enmity
Failed resources, given gift

Revolution 2-4

About Morals

On his way from the oubliette Clement ran into Luydmilla who took the opportunity to get an opinion from Clement about her manuscript. Failing to understand just how bad it was he was convinced to pen some thoughts to it which happened to be about non-violence. But she did get him a bit warmer about the the thought of revolution.

Revolution 2-5

Dirt on the General

Wanting dirt on the General, and someone who could use said dirt, Seraphim headed towards court. A place she had been at for a long time. There she ran into the ambassador from the Empire of the Seven Riven Valleys Jack-Ann-Marie who were very interested in gossiping. Since the general was the poster boy of the war against her nation she saw opportunities.

Successful circles test for Jack-Ann-Marie

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