Revolution 3: All over the place

Revolution 3: All over the place
Date August 16th
Ingame dates May 7th-9th

Revolution 03-1

The Grand Telltale

Reporting back to his superior, the Minister of War Boyar Frederick Artynsk, the General gave his account of the events and unsuccessfully argued for severe punishment. The fate of the dramaturge was not in Boyar Artynsk's hands. Then the grand general, to keep a better eye on the goins on in the palace, decided to reconnect with his old warbuddy Titus of the High Royal Guards.

Revolution 03-2

No longer lady-in-waiting

Needing that wit of approval to set up his play Seraphim's palace visit continued with reconnecting with her old lady-in-waiting. A bit of an awkward reunion but it did lead to another meeting set up.

Revolution 03-3


Being denied at his house after hours Luydmilla arranged a proper office-hours appointment with Professor of Journalism Adams Edison. He gave her a few comments on her paper. On her way back to her office she went by the library to steal some office supplies.

Revolution 03-4

At court

Finally Seraphim made her way to the court proper. Recognised by the herald he was ushered into the back room where he met his grandfather for the first time in many years. The reunion was less than cordial but in the end Seraphim got the wit of approval. In exchange he promised to take up his role as heir apparent.

Revolution 03-5

Magic Writing

Needing a bit of boost to write her paper Luydmilla tried to cast a spell on herself which taxed her immensely. As a result the paper's argumentation became crude, direct and obvious. Dangerous words

Revolution 03-6

More dirt on the general

Seraphim found the General's old buddy and had a chat with him. It was arranged for Titus to find some good candidates to reinforce Seraphim's hotel guards.

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