Revolution 5: Pressed

Revolution 5: Pressed
Date October 21st
Ingame dates May 12-13th

Revolution 5-1

Pressing concerns

At a meeting at the Queer Hotel Luydmilla got in touch with René, she had need of someone to run to the printer Epson Lexmark and get her manuscript printed. Her being seen there could be complicated in the future. So René went and had it printed.

Successful Circles by Ludmilla for Epson Lexmark, printer
Failed Resources test by Ludmilla, with René's help, both taxed

Revolution 5-2

A proper visit

With his new position Seraphim needed to get up to date on current affairs and got Yvette as his etiquette teacher. During one of their lessons he invited her to see the hotel. She did not like what she saw…

Revolution 5-3

Steeley Steel

Not having a proper blade did not sit well for René so he went to an old contact of his, Vasily. He got the blade with strings attached, a service had to be rendered.

Successful circles test for Vasilij
Failed Resources test for René

Revolution 5-4

The playscript

With everything arranged Seraphim went to check in on Andrei's progress and had a look at the script. He missed the finer details on it and thinks it will do what he asked of Andrei.

// Successful Circles for Andrei
Failed test to to properly understand the play//

Revolution 5-5

Friendly Francois

Luydmilla headed to Francois to give him a stern talking to about the fact they they ARE divorced. There, in his apartment better than hers, he said all the worlds he was told to say, about the sanctity of marriage and all that. And that he longed for them to be a family again. Words told to him by a sister Benefictatus. Francois calm manner and her inability to break through to him annoyed Luydmilla to the breaking point and she ran away from there blaspheming.

Revolution 5-6

Body blocked

Needing a proper fancy bodyguard now with his new position Seraphim went to the head of the royal Household, Nadia, to ask to get the Grand General. Him not being under her command made it difficult for her to transfer him. But she would talk to him.

Successful circles of Nadia
Failed Persuasion to get the General as a bodyguard

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