Revolution 4:06 "Fresh Blood"

Revolution 4:06 "Fresh Blood"
Date October 19th
Ingame dates Autumn
Involved Captain Dubois, Luydmilla, Maylis, Pierre-Louis

Revolution 4:06-1

Fanatic search

Captain Dubois went looking for someone who could help her find the Fanatics and met Maylis. An agreement was negotiated and pay was to be given upon completion.

Captain Dubois Haggling (4) vs Maylis Labelle Haggling (3)
Payment for services to be paied upon completion, 1D fund

Revolution 4:06-2

Printing by Law

With Dhovrik's assets and properties seized by the Crown Luydmilla happened upon Pierre-Louis Pascal, lawyer by trade and librarian by occupation. They had a conversation of the case and Pierre-Louis became itnerested in the printing press Dhovrik had recently acquired.

Test to establish Uncommon Knowledge out the press
Luydmilla City wise with help, 3succ vs Ob4

Facts established
- Lies in a back alley
- Inconspicuous locations
- Neighbour is an artisan brewery that clouds the smell from the inks and solvents
- Secret escape exists, it however ends up near the press

Revolution 4:06-3

Looking for an occultist

An old acquaintance of Maylis has tasked her with finding an occultist for some reason. She found Luydmilla and arranged the meeting.

Tests none

Revolution 4:06-4

Bullying the timid and taking names

Captain Dubois wanted names of those who killed Dhovrik and the real events, not the official story. She bought drinks for royal guardsmen and during the evening cornered Guardsman Jules, the meekest of the bunch. She laid it on hard on him and he spilled the beans.

Resources test Ob3 to buy ale for the guardsmen
Circles Ob 3 to find a guardsman that could be commanded to spill the beans and the story
Command Ob4 to bully Guardsman Jules

See Dhovrik's Death

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