Revolution 4:07

Revolution 4:07
Date Oct 26th
Ingame dates Fall
Involved Captain Dubois, Luydmilla, Maylis, Pierre-Louis

Revolution 4:07-1

On Roland's Trail

To better understand Luydmilla's case regarding Dhovrik's estate Pierre-Louis started investigating the preacher Roland. Found out plenty, such as his incarceration, death and the "pretender" in the village of Binche outside of the city. Taking a hike to Binche he there met with Bern the Burnt and Unburnt, a wandering preacher who knew the "pretender". However he failed to make a good impression and Bern didn't open up.

History Ob3 Success to research Roland
Persuation Ob6 failure to get Bern to open up

Revolution 4:07-2

Getting ready for Maxence

To be presentable for her meeting with Maxence Ludmilla needs to mend her dress

Resources Ob2 failure (taxed) to buy a sewing kit, Gift of Kindness
Sewing beginner's luck Ob2 Success to mend dress

Revolution 4:07-3

More for Maylis

Captain Dubois and Maylis had a conversation about the heretics job, how far Maylis had come. Maylis was additionally given a new job to stalk three royal guardsmen, the three who fired oh so quickly at Dhovrik.

Haggling vs into tie with Will tiebreaker. Maylis won. 2CD upfront and 1D upon completition
Resources test Ob4 Success by Captain Dubois

Revolution 4:07-4

Finding Stalkers

Maylis wasting no time on her new job to stalk Dhovrik's shooters and set out to find some to do it for her. She found a happily married couple.

Circles Ob4 failure pay demanded upfront

Revolution 4:07-5

Who hold the Estate

Interested in finding out where Dhovrik's estate was held up inquiries were made, well rather rumour chasing.

Court Gossip-wise Ob1 Success

- Estate is held by the throne itself and managed by royal agents as the crime was against the throne
- A certain Loic Gilson is also trying to get it released and he is mad.

Revolution 4:07-6

A murder spot

Needing a spot to tordue-murder-kill the royal guardsmen Captain Dubois located a woodsman with the skills to locate such a place

Circles Ob4 Success and found a leaning tower in the swamp

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