Revolution 4:08

Revolution 4:08
Date Novemebr 2nd
Ingame dates Fall
Involved Luydmilla, Maylis, Pierre-Loius
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Revolution 4:08-1

The meeting with Maxence

Maylis brought Luydmilla to the meting at a gambling den called the Vermillon Shrine. There Maxence told them of his problems, that there are many forged requisition orders being processed allowing some to get rich scamming the realm. With ordinary means of investigation locked to him he needed the occult.

Sorcery Ob4 Success to have Sorcery act as Astrology

Tarot reading
Past: Wheel of fortune - Happened into a fortunate situation that has become very profitable
Future: Strength reversed - Anxiety for the future, doubts their luck will hold
Strength: Hanged man - Willingness to reconsider new options, adaptability
Weakness: The fool reversed - Worked recklessly, there is a trail of clues. Risked a bit too much that can come back
Current: The moon - Caught in a illusion of success. If pressed correctly will be happy to have been caught

Someone was watching it all

NPC Obervation (2) vs Maylis Inconspicious (3), no suspicious taken from the observed meeting

Revolution 4:08-2

Laying the foundation of the estate case

it released into Luydmilla's onwership because
- obligations were made by Dhovrik to fund the school which needs to be upheld
- Framing of Luydmilla as Dhovrik's life companion, and father of her unborn child

Rule of Law Ob3 Success Both approaches above has legal merit

Revolution 4:08-3

Book collection

Luydmilla and Pierre-Louis have heard from their own sources that the Order of the Illuminating Gaze were going to collect books considered "upsetting". Knowing they has no means nor skills to counter it they ran to Maylis.

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