Session 1: The escape

Session 1: The escape
Date December 8th
Ingame dates Capture to the day of the Escape (E-day)
Involved Anton, Dag, Kerra, Willy
Other Escaped from Velkynvelve

Session 1-1

Captured by the drow

How each of you happened upon the drow, or them upon you, and how you got captured by them were as varied as you. In the end you all found yourselves in the holding pen at Velkynvelve, the name you have heard your captors put on this place. You don't know why you were captured but you know your fate, the slave markets of Menzoberranzan, the largest drow city in this region of the world. The days, let's call it that, in Velkynvelve have all been the same. Random menial and degrading tasks to keep you busy and to teach your place followed by poor food and bland water. If anyone are going to escape it will have to be with the help your fellow prisoners. You have to band together in a Motley Crew.

Session 1-2

An opportunity

One fateful day when the sour old guard as usual brought you your food Dag, a strange tattooed dwarf, managed to snatch the keys. Later, as those selected for work were coming back, the priestess of the outpost, Ilvara Mizzrym, decided to introduce herself. She also knew someone had stolen the keys to the cell and decided a punishment was needed. Going over the unfortunate workers and what motives they could have she decided that the deep gnome Jimjar was the one who had taken them, whether he had done it or not. As punishment he was tossed to the spiders living below the outpost. But all was not lost as the sour old guard, when he brought supper, told the Motley Crew that he could arrange for an opportunity. Upon further questioning he just said that they would know.

Session 1-3

A meeting with the priestess

While most of the prisoners were of common stock one of them stuck out, Kerra the half-blood paladin. In her veins flowed the blood of celestials and that was what attracted Ilvara. A price such as Kerra could and should not be squandered as a common slave. No for her something else should be arranged, and Ilvara knew exactly what. Ilvara was going to present Kerra as a present to the matron-mother of house Mizzrin. To that end Kerra started to be tutored by the apprentice priest in all the matters a present needs to know.

Session 1-4

The opportunity?

It didn't take long before the opportunity presented itself. High screeches and the sound of buzzing wings filled the cavern. Not wasting any precious time the Motley Crew unlocked the door and left their cell. Once outside they saw what caused the commotion, giant winged creatures battling in the air and the drow of Velkynvelve agitating them. Knowing that the guards had an outpost in the stalactite outside of the prison the Motley Crew assaulted it and the half-orc barbarian Anton tossed one of them out of the small window. Upstairs a variety of gear was found and the crew took a bit of time to get equipped.

Stalactite to stalactite the crew went gathering what they could. In the largest one, with the shrine and the priestesses' quarters, Willy the warrior (who somehow had found a greatsword), found the apprentice priestess and managed to drive her further down into the stalactite where she escaped through an hidden passageway. But the incusion into the shrine stalactite was worth it due to the various items acquired from there. And in the mess hall the crew stocked up on supplies both nurishing and refreshing before they took the now unguarded lift to the cavern floor below.

During the escape two other of the Motley Crew died, Sarith Kzekarit who in a bout of mad amnesia had struck down a brother-in-arms and the orc Ront.

Session 1-5

It's alive!

Regrouping on the floor below the outpost Anton thought a corpse of one of the flying creatures was moving and was stricken with fear. Combining the weak light in the cavern and the exhilarating exhaustion of the escape and it's understandable why the formidable fighter thought the large and terrifying creature was still a threat.

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