Session 2: Onwards

Session 2: Onwards
Date December 15th
Ingame dates Day 1-4 After the Escape (AE)
Involved Anton, Dag, Kerra, Willy

Session 2-1

A choice of Darkness

With Anton calmed dawn it dawned upon you that none really knew where you where, in the Underdark yes, but not where. You also knew you couldn't stay at Velkynvelve as the garrison during your escape was heavily diminished. And there were no signs of Ilvara Mizzryn, the priestess. The only one with any knowledge of Velkynvelve's location in relation to other landmarks and settlements, Sarith, died. That is apart from the Svirfneblin twins Topsy and Turvy who knew the rough direction to their Blidgenstone, the Svirfneblin city in this region. But they advised against that option as Menzoberranzan, the Drow city, lies in between. Shuushar, the Kuo-Toa spiritualist, could take them to his kin at Sloobludop as long as they could find their way to the enormous subterranean waterways known as the Darklake. In the end you chose to follow the advice of the Myconid Stool who offered to bring you to his kin at Neverlight Grove as in Neverlight Grove there exist a fungus whose mycelium stretches far and wide and knows many hidden passages.

Session 2-2

On the right path

Strapping on your scavenged equipment you put Velkynvelve and it's relative safety behind you as you followed the small Myconid into the darkness. After a while Stool started to get agitated and into a side chamber you found a small fungi colony tended by two Myconids being attacked by glowing beetles. After saving one of them and most of the fungi a small shrine was found in the deepest part of the chamber. The statue in the shrine of a Mycanoid humanoid depicted someone unknown to all and it was left alone. Once Stool and the tender shared rapport Stool eagerly told you that you should soon come to a creek which flows from Neverlight Grove and can be followed all the way there. A sense of direction you haven't had before gave you a nice confidence boost.

Session 2-3

Discovery of the High Tunnels

Once the creek was found it didn't take you long to stumble into much larger and grander passages. You stepped from sometimes narrow natural passages into large obviously carved tunnels - High Tunnels. Dozens of feet across and high, columns carved in the resemblance of Dwarves lining the center and as easy to travel as the best roads on the surface. The Dwarven scout Eldreth Feldrun upon the discovery of her kin's ancient tunnels became awestruck and joyous. On your first "night" in the High Tunnels a macabre sight floated past in the creek, half of a centipede's corpse.

Session 2-4

The Outpost

Just as along the roads the surface, along the High Tunnels outposts were created where weary travelers could find shelter. Each clanhold manned outposts every 2-3 days of travel up to about a week's travel away from the clanhold. But that were in the golden days of the late Dvergr Empire, now most of the ancient clanholds are abandoned and forgotten at best. It is at one of these outposts you found yourself after a few day's of travel in the High Tunnels. As most secure locations in the Underdark someone have claimed it and you found goblin scouts not too far from it. Dispatching them and their Hobgoblin masters you took the outpost as yours, but the shaman did escape. To where was unknown, but into the dark it was.

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