Session 5: Down towards the Darklake

Session 5: Down towards the Darklake
Date January 12th
Ingame dates Day 15-19 AE
Involved Anton, Dag, Kerra, Willy
Items Awarded Hunter's dagger, waterlogged Drow journal

Session 5-1

Along the ledge

The ledge served you well as a path, smooth and easily traversable. But it was not without dangers, you got scolded by hot steam coming out from some small holes in the wall and often you could barley traverse it single file. After an arduous day slowly descending with the abyss to your left you found a small spherical chamber off the path. During the night it became more and more clear to those attentive that what you were traveling along was an lava chute and the room you rested in an old magma chamber. It was not still and the earthquake a few days past may have stirred it.

Session 5-2

A break

The ledge couldn't keep it's welcoming nature and soon you found yourself at the end of it. But in the dark distance a bit below the current ledge another takes over. Tying Anton with another rope he started the climb down. Despite slipping and dangling a bit he got the the lower ledge securing the rope for the rest. When Willy climbed down he was forced to quickly find a handhold as he slipped and got bit. Looking into the crack Willy found a very sorrowful Imp begging for Willy's forgiveness which Willy wasn't willing to give. Willy grabbed the Imp with him as he climbed down. Once everyone was down Willy turned his attention to the Imp again and got it name, Jim, out of it. He also managed to squeeze out of it that it was hiding from his master after stealing a very pretty gem from it. When all of you were hesitating on whether or not to claim the gem Kerra decided to claim it as hers in front of Willy. As soon as the gem was snatched from the Imp's hand it disappeared with a big grin.

Session 5-3

The old lady at the waterfront

With the Imp gone and the party again gathered you again started the walk along the ledge. After a good while you found the end of it, a massive slope of rubble led down to a flat wide area and the Darklake glimmering in the distance. Next to an old building, or rather ruin, an old woman were grilling fish over a fire. Two gnolls guarding her, her pets. And at the water's edge a keelboat was moored. You were invited by the obvious blind woman to sit down and enjoy a fish. Inquiring about your business you were given the boat but tasked with going to Sloobludop, the Kuo-Toa village to find out why the waters from it aggravates her gnolls. Agreeing to it you rowed out of the lake as she put two fishes on the fire.

Session 5-4

Shooshar's Island

As the Motley crew headed out on the Darklake with Shooshar on the helm the darkness of the Darklake became ever more suffocating. On the lake no photo luminescent fungi grew, no lichen. Only darkness. With a steady hand Shooshar set course towards his home village of Sloobludop but first stopping by on a small island he had visited in the past. As they arrived they found it thankfully uninhabited, but in the small cave on it a long rotted corpse was found. Dressed in Drow finery on him the party found a satchel with a waterlogged journal, with an unknown mark, and a dagger. As Dag inspected the dagger he found it pulling him towards the north-east, the Hunter's dagger was still marked with it's quarry.

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