Session 9: Tunnel rats RULE!

Session 9: Tunnel rats RULE!
Date Feburary 9th
Ingame dates Month 1 day 6-8 AE
Involved Anton, Dag, Willy, Zarrah
Other Droki captured

Session 9-1

Still movements

In Caingorn cavern, the domain of the stone giants in Gracklstugh, stonespeeker hgraam began the ritual to bring your companion Kerra back to life. As it goes on the whole cavern appears to shake, the strange mist you encountered before softly change colours and Hgraam doing all he can to bring har back. Almost fainting from the exhausting ritual Hgraam is forced to abandon the efforts to being her back, "The stone is not responding, shaking and is restless". Offering to care for her remains you leave, mourning the loss of yet another companion. Outside the cavern a simply yet well-dressed Duergar, Hemeth who guided you to Gracklstugh, calls upon your attention in this time of grief bringing a message that his employer Saltbaron is waiting for you in your quarts at the Ghohlbron's lair.

Session 9-2

Meeting Saltbaron

In your quarters at the Ghohlbron's Lair you found Saltbaron waiting for you. After shooing away your invisible followers and making sure there were no unseen ears or eyes around he tanked you for brining his wares to Gracklstugh. And since you appeared to be reliable adventurers he asked you to find an item some contractors of his were holding out on him and blackmailing him with. Knowing an egg was stolen from the journal you found in Shooshar's island in the Darklake you pieced together his vague indications in that it in fact was the egg he had stolen for him. To entice your interest he quickly flashed a parchment, a map with detailed surveys and comments of most tunnels between Gracklstugh and Menzoberranzan. And from the quick glance it appeared to as well have exits into the lands above. With such a reward you felt you couldn't refuse the offer. Saltbaron, before leaving, told you that his contractors had a den in the Whorlstone Tunnels but only knowing about the entrance to them through Lauduger's furrow. And to assist you in the reclamation he presented you with Zarra T'sarran, a wizard that had been of service to him.

Session 9-3

Plowing the furrow

Resting up a bit after your encounter with the giant and the loss of a companion you spent the time getting a bit familiar with Zarrah. Once fresh you set out to find the Whorlstone tunnels and the only exit you knew of is down in the furrow. Entering it you quickly realized the difficulty of the search as the walls of the furrow almost contained more tunnels and small caverns than wall. And the Derro themselves were not much help, most revelling in their madness. But in the chaos and squabbling noise of the furrow you were discovered by a Derro savant, a not-so-mad Derro leader, who at the discovery of you decided to hold a feast for the occasion. In a large cavern tables were set and a feast in your honour were held. In the Derro crowd around you you spotted your old friend Buppido the Derro, who had abandoned you and the Motley crew upon arriving in Gracklstugh.

Session 9-4

An old acquaintance

Quickly following Boppido but loosing him as he went deeper into the caverns you still managed to track him to his lair. At it you encountered it the horrors of it struck you as he presented you with his "masterpiece", bodies strewn around the room in a pattern unknown to you. With no interest in contributing to it nor any approval of it at all Buppido resorted to making you contribute to it by force. Stitched together corpse abominations rose, the dead rose and Buppido's unholy altar begun emitting necrotic energies. Corpse abominations unstitched, dead laid dead and the altar destroyed became the result and all Buppido's efforts nil.

Session 9-5

Capturing Droki

Leaving the carnage of Buppido's lair behind you the most fancy Derro Droki pass before you before darting in through a fungi patch. Taking up the chase you did your best effort but Droki quickly got away from you. Once again alone in the tunnels you started your exploration. In a high-celing cavern Zarrah let some of the strange mist, also known as Faerzeress, affect her and she got a a vision of recent past in Gracklstugh. Avoiding obviously spider-infested tunnels you suddenly saw Droki coming towards you. Taking a lower path Anton and Willy made common cause and jumped him from a ledge and managed to get him beneath them. With Droki in custody the questioning him began, and robbing him. Some arcane scrolls were found, his boots stolen and you learnt that he was going to make some deliveries, the most important deliveries as are all his deliveries, to some Duergar in dark. In a stoke a genius you tricked him into leading you to them by hiring his services as a messenger. Not wanting him to get away you leashed the poor mad Derro like a dog.

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