Session 11: Duergar departure

Session 11: Duergar departure
Date February 23rd
Ingame dates Month 1, day 8-11th
Involved Anton, Dag, Willy, Zarrah
Other Egg returned to Themberchaud, guide acquired from Ylsa

Session 11-1

Feeling treasured

Emerging from the treasure pile before the carcass it the ground you found yourself carrying various items, trinkets and other items. Thanking Themberchaud for it's generosity you humbly left it's lair, but not before it reminding you to bring it's egg back. After traversing the city you locked yourself in your quarters at the Ghohlbron's Lair and started to figured out what you had. Two days later you emerged decked almost from head to toe with magical equipment. And Anton found a friend.

Session 11-2

Back to ratting

Once again you headed to the Whorlstone tunnels, approaching the furrow you noticed the Duergar presence was higher than before. Many more guards and soldiers were guarding it. Once in the tunnels you made your way back to where you last saw Droki, the Derro cultist cavern, and from there made you way deeper inside. Finding a pit with a bunch of corpses, some devouring the other and a claw wearing a very fancy ring you decided the ring would be yours. Some moved and trampled on dead later the ring was in your posses, a mundane obsidian ring with a loving message carved into it. Further on you found, and broke down a pair of giant stone doors, and even further down those tunnels you found the obelisk.

Session 11-3

Mad records

In the chamber, by and around the Obelisk, hooded Duergar moved about. A sense that something were off but not concerning yourself with it. With the Duergar occupied and not not aware intruders you started to make your way into the cavern sneakily. But you didn't get far before a voice rang out in your head "I AM THE KEEPER OF RECORDS YOU ARE INTERFERING WITH EVENTS AS THEY SHOULD UNFOLD LEAVE OR YOUR WILL BE REMOVED SO EVENTS CAN HAPPEN AS THEY SHOULD" and behind you a beholder floated down from it's observation terrace. It's eyestalks looking skittishly in every and all directs, it's big eye similarly. Not following it's advice the Duergar and it assaulted you. Eyebeams shooting wildly, mostly to do effect. Duergar stabbing with immaterial blades. When the beholder laid before you and the Duergar were dispatched you were relatively unscathed. And on a pedestal near the Obelisk you found what you were looking for, the egg.

Session 11-4

Egg scramble

With your prize, the egg, carefully wrapped up you returned to Themberchaud who with a certain glee took it and declared your service fulfilled and ordered you to leave. A you left you heard in the distance a sound not too different to an egg being cracked.

Session 11-5

Getting directed

Now knowing how the strange coins got into Derro hands, the Obelisk, you returned to Ylsa with your findings. Needing to collaborate your strange tale she said she would get back to you within a few days. And once she had it collaborated she got back to you and as promised sent a guide to take you to Mantol-Derith. Packing up you found the guide, Dimorg, waiting at your boat ready to take away from Gracklstugh.

Following items were found during the quick dive into Temberchaud's treasure pile


1d4-1 of each elemental gem (3,2,3,1)


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