Session 12: Halfway there

Session 12: Halfway there
Date march 2nd
Ingame dates Month 1 day 11th-26th
Involved Anton, Dag, Willy, Zarrah

Session 12-1

Dark encounter on the Darklake

Quite a while out on the Darklake, a few days from Mantol-Derith, near an area difficult to traverse due a a multitude of reefs and rocks you heard bowstrings snapping but the arrows landing in the water. With more oars than you the Drow from Velkynvelve under Ilvara Mizzryn appeared out of the darkness. Despite you being in an unfamiliar environment, the Drow appeared to be completely out of their element. Their archers just hitting water and running their small galley into rocks on several occasions. And then you rowed away into the darkness leaving the Drow stuck on some reefs.

Session 12-2

Why take the elevator when you can walk up 500 steps of stairs?

A few days later you arrived in Mantol-Derith, a town situated over 100ft above the Darklake at the end of a crevice. At the docks you were welcomed to the town by some helpful dockworkers who hoped you had some work for them. Instead you bade your guide farewell and saw an elevator operated by some Svirfneblin. But instead of paying their toll you took the head of one of them and the other ran away. With no idea how the elevator operated you had to walk all the step up to Mantol-Derith proper. Once up, with sweat dripping down your forehead, the small mercantile outpost of Mantol-Derith laid before you.

Session 12-3

Finding another guide

Working your way through the outpost you walked by several mercantile houses. Asking around and listening to the gossip you settled on approaching Holstein and Sons Trading Company. After some negotiations a contract was drawn up, a fee negotiated and a deal celebrated. You found someone to take you where the sun shines.

Session 12-4

An offer you could have refused

Deciding to rest up a few days before starting the last leg of your journey and enjoy the outpost a bit more you at one point spotted two Svirfneblin shadowing you. When caught and questions they revealed they followed you as they thought you looked like someone who could help them empty out a tomb that claimed their last party. Apparently the tomb is the resting place for Khaem, an archmage and warlord from a long lost past. Taking them up on their offer you arranged for the guide to wait a bit and you followed them towards the tomb.

Session 12-5

Into the Tomb of Khaem

Arriving at the Tomb of Khaem, it appeared being forcefully placed into the stone, cracks around it were visible for several hundred feet. The tomb itself was once made of while marble, columns flanking the entrance and reliefs depicting Khaem in various powerful situations, like being paid tribute. Following a stair below you found a broken altar to gods long forgotten and in a adjacent room a lone exquisite sarcophagus. Opening it's unusually light lid you found it being empty but a voice echoing through the tomb warning of your impending doom. The suddenness of it shocked you.

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