Session 13: Out of the Abyss

Session 13: Out of the Abyss
Date March 9th
Ingame dates Month 1 day 26 - Month 2 day 14 AE, or the weeks before October 17th
Involved Anton, Dag, Levi, Willy, Zarrah
Other Got out of the Abyss, level 8

Session 13-1

The robbing of Khaem

After getting your nerves under control you set out to explore the rest of the tomb. In another chamber you found four sarcophagi, not as elaborate as the previous, with their occupants still in them. With a thirst for gold and treasure you started disturbing them and before long the angered spirits rose up against you. Even the partly restored remains of Khaem joined in, and to your horror your guides were taken over and turned against you. As dust settled your guides were well tied up and the inhabitants pacified. Not wanting to linger you looted what you could and hurried back to Mantol-Derith.

Session 13-2

Friends old and new

Back in Mantol-Derith with your gnomes in tow and in bad condition, not too unlike cut-off addicts, you wondered what to do with them. You found the temple to All Gods and Deities of Gold and Prosperity willing to take them in for a generous donation. After resting and getting over the horrors of Khaem's tomb you went to Holstein and Sons to meet up with your guides, a pair of jolly Dwarves named Gla and Lad. On your way out of Mantol-Derith, after Gla and Lad exchanged some information with an incoming caravan, you found a roguish looking fellow who as well were seeking a way out. A small donation to your purses earned Levi Baron a part of your little caravan out.

Session 13-3

Very old friends

After another two weeks in the dark, another two weeks with nothing but stone and rock around you the smells started to change. And the surroundings started to change. More earth and dirt, even a hint of grass in the air. Then you finally emerged, stars above and a cold breeze on your cheeks. You finally made it, you finally got Out of the Abyss. Your guides bid you farewell as their task were over and you for a short while pondered your next moves. Far below you faint lights of a small village or hamlet could be seen. But that would have to be for the next day. Finding whatever comforts, shelter and warmth you could find you huddled together that night. But before the night was over bolts flew out from the surrounding bushes and soon Ilvara Mizzryn and her entourage were upon you. Without suffering too much you put your pursuers down and made sure they stayed down. And a sense of relief washed over you, it might be finally over.

Session 13-4

Sparkling gem

While taking care of the Drwo remains Willy felt a call, a call to plunge the Gem into the forehead of the priestess Ilvara. A call not too unfamiliar and he followed it's urges. The next morning her corpse was gone and the Gem back in Willy's pocket.

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