Session 14: Travels under the sun

Session 14: Travels under the sun
Date March 9th
Ingame dates October 7th-25th
Involved Anton, Dag, Levi, Willy, Zarrah

Session 14-1

At Gunnars

Met old geezers, traded a bit of supplies for proper clothing. Decided to stay for a while while working to earn their keep. Zarra got marrige offer to be Gunnar's new wife from the old crone.

Session 14-2

Glade's glade

Few days on the path towards Hommlet encounter inviting glade. During night the fey Glade appears and is utterly confused why the party is of different length and offers solutions to adjust that, not taken kindly. Combat ensures.

Session 14-3

Hommlet activities

Arrival in Hommlet, book the best room in the Welcoming Wench. Levi goes on a stealing spree, robs tailor and get caught by a well-equipped merchant.

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