Session 16: To the Black mountain

Session16: To the Black mountain
Date March 30th
Ingame dates November 9th to December 2nd
Involved Anton, Dag, Zarrah, WIlly

Session 16-1

Over the mountain

Many days later Errol had led over the Border Peaks, the everlasting slope upwards ended. And at the horizon, like a monolith, stood a lone peak. A black peak, the black mountain.

Session 16-2

The pack

For several days, despite travelling almost directly towards it, the Black mountain didn't get any closer. Still looming on the horizon. Your passage had not been undetected and one morning, just before daybreak you were set upon by several pack of wolves led by two massive beasts. The beasts telepathically taunting you before they were driven back into the ethereal realm rather than being slain.

Session 16-3

The old one

Almost town apart by the wolves you decided to take a rest and Zarrah erected wards. But no wards stopped a creature a few days later from just walking into your safe space. It being of clear trollish nature, with it's mossy long hair woven into a cloak. But not being directly violent. Presenting itself as Aldhissla it told you that the land cannot abide by those "who longs for soft beds in stone buildings" and in every way tries to hinder them. It is land where law and order have no place. So if you wanted to find the Black mountain and it's king Rivfader you would have to be led by no "man".

Session 16-4


Taking the old troll's heed Zarrah took up the lead and you made progress towards teh black mountain. One evening you sought shelter in a small cave where you found one the remains of one of those who went with Derek, a ranger named John. In his journal you read that Derek had lost a fellow ranger named Robin who he cared about more than he perhaps should. Robin's death took Derek hard and so he went chasing fairytales, like the one of Rivfader at the Black mountain. The next morning a pyre was built for John and his ashes given to the wind. A few days later you finally were near the foot of the Black mountain, led by no "man".

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