Session 20: Old ruins, old memories

Session 20: Old ruins, old memories
Date April 27th
Ingame dates December 16th
Involved Anton, Dag, Willy, Zarrah

Session 20-1

Into the ruins

As the storm raged outside you got familiar with the new arrival. But there were a looming threat in the back of your heads, the undead from within the ruins. So you started your explorations into it, through the partially excavated passage. Beyond the outer room you found reinforced natural passages and halls, all bearing marks of a battle long past. Old barricades and scorch marks. Everything were also covered by a think layer of frost of ice. As you went deeper you descended into the remains of what once were dwellings sized for giants. Whoever lived in them you found no remains of except their stonework. Something you did find were several packs of very well-crafted javelins.

Session 20-2

The Eternal Legion

The exit from the dwellings emerged into a cavern of enormous size, it's ceiling hidden in darkness and the ground flat like a frozen lake. Far out into it a soft, cold blue shine. As you got closer to it the undead once again rose to assault you, this time from the very ground you were walking on. Their armour and the orders shouted by their commander revealed the undead to have been part of the Eternal Empire. Axe joined sword and spells slung while your new friend deeply focused on keeping those still resting in that state. As their Commander fell his spirit remained, so determined were him to protect this place from all attackers. As the Commander's spirit were driven away from this existence you gathered your breath and found yourself looking at a large crystal shining with a soft blue light.

Session 20-3

An Eternal Mission

While the arms and armour of the slain footsoldiers showed the passage of time the Commander's armour had weathered it very well. It's make of exceptional quality and still to this date functioning without a sound. On the Commander you also found a journal detailing the force's mission, and some confusing preservation spells. Further investigations of the area revealed many protective wars enacted on it and among them Dag noticed a rune similar to one already on him, except this focusing on ice and frost. And Willy felt a familiar presence and got a sensation disturbing and confusing…

Session 20-L


Mastercrafted Javelins
Mastercrafted Plate Armour
The 501st legion Quartermaster's journal
Frost Rune

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