Session 23: The temple of Nub

Session 23: The temple of Nub
Date May 18th
Ingame dates January 10th - 13th
Involved Anton, Dag, Willy, Zarrah
Other Hello St Cuthbert, worshipped by the Cult of St Cuthbert

Session 23-1

The temple calls

Leaving Anton with Penny again you started to head off to get something useful out of the forenoon. But before you could take many steps from her den you felt a magical item activating and opening yourselves up to the arcane energies of the Ether you realized she had used a Sending stone and you knew the direction, but not distance, to the other end. Looking towards where the message went you saw the old temple resting in the mountains above the village. Once Anton was done enjoying the "friendship" you set off.

Session 23-2

T1-4: Temple of Elemental Evil

A trek longer than it should have been brought you to the grounds of the old temple where you again were assaulted by Cultists of Air and Water. Once they were dispatched the temple was before you ready to be liberated of all it's evils and treasures. But the evil was already vanquished and the treasures looted some 35 years ago, the last time the Cult rose. When you came to the temple the decades of neglect started to be shown, part of the roof collapsed and minor structural damage. But still in sound structural condition. Exploring the ground level of it you found several passages to below, all soundly collapsed except for one at the altar. Following that below you ended up in it's substructure. Investigating the empty halls and hallways brought you to a circular room with balconies running around it, at your current level and below where other passages spread out.

Session 23-3

Meeting a God

Descending to the level below you were ambushed by an ethereal figure wielding a mace and shield but lacking any will to dispatch you. Despite not asking for his story he told you of being the very Saint Cuthbert, the one who led the first crusade against the Cult of Evil several centuries ago. Unable to vanquish the Evil outright as the high priestess Vecna escaped and her mistress, the deamon Queen Zyggtmoy, was only able to be bound St Cuthbert as well bound himself to the location as an eternal protector. That however was rendered moot a while ago as Zyggtmoy escaped around the same time you encountered the rise of Demogorgon's aspect. Inquiring about whether or not Zyggtmoy could be bound again Cuthbert told you the Elemental Anchors in the Elemental Nodes were still in place but getting her to the prison would be the difficult part. But her priestess Vecna did it once so it should be doable. And Vecna over the centuries he knew had created a small cult around herself and made herself into a God.

Session 23-4

Leaving the temple

With no cultists in the temple, as Cuthbert would have known of their presence, you left to head back down to Nub. Cuthbert were right, no cultists in the temple but plenty outside. A few well placed fireballs later and they were no more.

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