Session 25: Downriver

Session 25: Downriver
Date June 1st
Ingame dates February 5th - 23rd
Involved Anton, Dag, Willy, Zarrah
Other 500g reward from brining news of Derek's demise to the duke, restoration of your sanity

Session 25-1

Hommlet, sweet Hommlet

After months in the wilderness your arrival back into civilization meant many of your hardships were over. You were weary, tired, beaten and exhausted. But you had things to do, news to deliver and developments to discuss. Going to the small Temple of St Cuthbert to discuss the revelations in Nub you found that the Abbott already knew about their Saint and his charge, but told you to keep it a secret. He was told by the Champions of Hommlet, especially she who became the Countess, of the situation several decades ago.

Session 25-2

A spiritual retreat

Asking the Abbott for assistance is mending your half-broken minds led you to being offered days of meditation, relaxation and spiritual guidance from which you emerged stronger and healthier than before.

Session 25-3

The inheritance situation

During your retreat in the Temple of St Cuthbert a small delegation of the Town Elder and several councillors arrived having heard that Derek had succumbed in the wilderness but they wanted a first hand account of the events. Which you freely gave to them while omitting unpleasant details. Once you showed his old signet ring the delegation had enough to proceed with their plans. As you already had proved yourself trying to bring Derek home they charged you with delivering a small gift to the bastard, a selection of all that Hommlet have to offer. A few days later you set out for Ulm, more well-rested than ever before.

Session 25-4

Coaford wineries

Travelling on the river towards Ulm in a sled given to you by Hommlet you made quick and steady progress towards Ulm. But no journey is complete without some incident, this time it was the weather again forcing you to seek shelter from it's wrath. The small village of Coaford laid nearby where your got shelter by the winemaker. There you were welcomed and inquired about the very larger stock of wine in storage, which were overflowing. The winemaker told you the price of wine had crashed due to ale prices crashing which was due to the barley and hops price having crashed which were because the Dwarves of Dwarfhome had closed their gates and not bought any hops and barley this season. Come morning the weather had calmed down and you set off for Ulm again.

Session 25-5

Duke Herman Ulm of Ulm, of the Ulm dynasty

Arriving in Ulm, a prosperous dense town with narrow streets and industrious people, you quickly made your way to the keep and sought an audience with the [| Duke]]. Not being forced you wait long you were brought into his small audience chamber and told you to retell the story. The stout and strict duke saw no reason to disbelieve you but clarified that the Hommlet does not choose their count, that power is his as the count is a vassal to the duke. Accepting the proper hierarchy you were charged with finding the bastard, Franz of Safeton, and bringing him to the duke the next day fo he can be given his new charge. Rooms were given to you and a small token of the duke's appreciation.

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