Session 26: Not a moment's rest

Session 26: Not a moment's rest
Date June 8th
Ingame dates February 23rd - March 19th
Involved Anton, Dag, Horizon, Willy, Zarrah

Session 26-1

A new face

As you made your way through town to find the bastard heir and to do other errands you ran into a small square next to a chapel. In the square a festival celebrating the Old Crone banishing the winter spirits by luring them out and into a bonfire. One of the participants playing the role of spirit, along with a mask, scared a participants who jumped out before Anton and got another scare. Composing himself, and after realising it was a party of adventurers on a northern coarse, he introduced himself as Horizon Blink. A Tabaxi on the search of his northern kin. He took up the offer of tagging along.

Session 26-2

Errands in Ulm

With coin in your pockets you set out to spend it by making sure you have everything you may need for your expedition northwards. Including pack animals. You also sold the Helm of Telepathy.

Session 26-3

The new Count

Locating Franz of Safeton, the bastard heir to Hommlet, was easy enough as he had build for himself a decently sized whole selling business. Meeting with him you gave him the news, something he was prepared for and started issuing directions. Planning to arrive in Hommlet in time for the Spring equinox and those festivities meant he had to miss his mother's annual festivity. You declined an invitation to it and to go in his stead. The day afterwards the coronation of Franz went as tradition bade and he took up charge of his new responsibilities.

Session 26-4

Issues at Lukil

Making your way east along river Ulm and then north along the tributary from the Pale Highlands you arrived in the mining and smelting community of Lukil. A small town highly dependent on producing bars of iron and other metals from ores in the hills around it. Taking up residence in the Inn you became the highlight of the locals' day asking you of all sorts of news from downstream. In the exchange of news you picked up that Hill Giants were a bother. But being obvious none were harmed in the raids but still they were a nuisance. You got the location of where they came from and most likely have their lair.

Session 26-5

On Giant's trail

Heading up into the mountains relying on Dag's guidance meant you didn't find the Giants as much as they found you. Several of them wore well worn garments marked with a crowned mountain. After the commotion in the hills died off you found their quite massive trails. Following them you found yourself as the sun were setting in a cave overlooking the Steading of the Hill Giants.

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