Session 27: Into the Steading

Session 27: Into the Steading
Date June 15th
Ingame dates March 19th
Involved Dag, Horizon Blink, Willy, Zarrah

Session 27-1


From your small cave on the other side of the valley from the Steading you relaxed a bit and observed. A few stout gates into it, high windows and a watchtower. When a straggler from your earlier encounter with the giants approached the Steading you knew you couldn't let the Giant tell your tale to the others. Quickly and assuredly you struck. Also observing the Giants expecting the patrol to get back you knew you had to strike sooner or later. Or the Giants would know something had happened to it.

Session 27-2


As the sun started setting and the shadows growing longer you set out to infiltrate the Steading. Up the walls and over the roofs. The high windows around the roof to the main hall allowed you a glimpse inside where the servants, of both giant and orc origin, were preparing the evening meal. Aside from that little activity. In the watchtower you took out the sentry and doused the torches in the entrance hall. While you were discussing your next step a young hill giant peaked out and saw the torches were out, went and got new ones. But as he started lighting them Zarrah turned him into a turtle. After some more discussions you disposed of him. Inside you found the kitchen where weak-looking orcs were preparing the meal. Conjuring up a cunning plan Horizon cunningly poisoned the meal without being noticed.

Session 27-3


After you set your plan in motion by poisoning the meal you retreated to let the dinner begin. Shortly into dinner you sprung your trap and assaulted the Giants, and the Troll. Despite the Giants' home advantage those who enjoyed the dinner were mostly cut down, but a few managed to flee the scene. But not without Zarrah going down and the magic surrounding her fading allowing Horizon and Dag a quick glimpse of her true nature before Horizon resuscitated her. Also the Troll, Yavo of the Black Mountain, saw her and fell to his knees.

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