Session 28: Around the Steading

Session 28: Around the Steading
Date June 22nd
Ingame dates March 19th
Involved Anton, Dag, Horizon Blink, Zarrah

Session 28-1

The Ambassador

The troll Yavo of the Black Mountain, when the questioning started, told you and especially Zarrah that he was a Ambassador from the Black Mountain to oversee the alliance and the plans set in motion. Mostly about construction of a new Steading to the north. Having seen Zarrah's true nature no pressure was needed to make him talk, his fear of her loosened his tongue. He even revealed his fear was because he was no longer at Rivfader's side, as told, and feared Zarrah was there to punish him. Once that was established to be not the case he calmed down and promised he wouldn't do anything against you, just keep out of the way.

Session 28-2

The Orc issue

Checking up on his kin Anton found they were enslaved by the Giants and had been so for generations. Not used to combat and fighting they still had it int heir blood and as you took care of the other threats in the Steading they assisted with the clean-up. Despite being offered the title of Warchief Anton declined the proposal and instead selected a young fierce orc to become it instead.

Session 28-3


While you had defeated a large amount of giants, thanks to the helpful poisoning, there were still some on the loose. You found the Chieftain having rallied the beast master to his aid but didn't count on the beast master's ambition. As the beast master turned the wolves on the Chieftain he offered you free passage away, if not you would meet the same fate. He met the same fate. Down in the basement you found the slave master and the more rowdy of the orc slaves. The slave master met the same fate as his kin.

Session 28-4


As the orcs cleaned up the giants and removed their corpses from the Steading you took a look around to see what else it had to offer. In the Ambassador's quarters, Yavo the Ambassador had disappeared, you found his directions from the toll horde under Rivfader and information regarding the New Steading. In a room adjacent the old shrine was found desecrated, the statue shattered and intricately braided patterns hung in it's remains. A strange belt was also found. In the hidden chamber below the Ambassador's Quarter the treasury was found and an old blind orc watching over an old alcove where he promised you could enter your mind. From the alcove came strange vapours.

Session 28-5

Behind the rubble

In the larger substructure below the Steading you found a passageway blocked off and behind it old and more-or-less intact masonry. Comparing it you realized it was awfully similar to the construction around the Crystal Steading and that the whole basement in this Steading once was built in the same way. Following the passageway you found yourself in an old temple with an eerie glow and writing on the walls with strange symbols.

Session 28-L: Steading of the Hill Giants


The Beard Braided Belt
Chieftain's Giant Shield
Legion Commander's helm
Massive Chieftain's Club
Spider Ring
Whip of Canine Domination

Coins and minor gems (900gp)
Brass Necklace (400 gp)
Large Tapestry threaded with Platinum (4000 gp)
Marble Ewer (900 gp)

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