Session 29: Between Steadings

Session 29: Between Steadings
Date June 29th
Ingame dates March 20th-29th
Involved Anton, Dag, Willy, Zarrah

Session 29-1

Writings on the wall

Starting to explore the small temple you found it lined with carved pillars and on it's far end a support for a book, but no book to be seen. Tapping into his bardic powers Horizon started deciphering the writing. While it could be translated it's meaning remained a mystery, the deeper meaning of the words was not understandable to the point of maddening. Even worse as you explored the temple you spotted in the corner of your eyes the figures on the pillars moving, but as you looked closer they were as motionless as the day they were created.

Session 29-2

A not-so-chance meeting

After resting up you bade farewell to the emancipated Orcs and headed north towards the New Steading following the eastern slopes of Lukil Ridge. But before you came far someone called out to you as you made camp. Amplifying his voice so it could reach across the valley he thanked you for handling his former associates. He also hoped the new occupants were more amendable to his propositions than the later were. Then he bade farewell and disappeared into the night.

Session 29-3

Between Steadings

After the short visit from the strange man you set your sights northwards. Climbing up the valley you emerged on a sheltered wooded highland, the Frozen Highland. One night you took shelter in an old keep, in the basement you found a dozen or so skeletons long dead. As you rested loud steps were approaching and scouting it you found a small group of Hill Giants heading south. Luckily for you they took the long way around your camp at the keep due to it being haunted. Deciding the Orcs could take of themselves you let the giants pass by. Some minor incidents later, including a snapped axle, you found the New Steading. Not where it was supposed to be but moved a fair bit so it could overlook Lake Ied.

Session 29-4

At the New Steading

Arriving at the new construction site of the New Steading, Keep Ied, you made camp in the hiss overlooking it. As night fell you made your way to half-constructed keep surrounded by earthen walls. On it's upper level, little more than an attic, you noticed a group of humans and below the giants had their quarters. On the courtyard, in an enclosure, were several rough abodes. Not liking your odds you say an opportunity to thin out the giants when three of them went to do their night-business and you left their corpses in the latrine.

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