Session 31: Strange how things work out

Session 31: Strange how things work out
Date July 13th
Ingame dates March 30th - April 7th
Involved Anton, Dag, Willy, Zarrah
Items Awarded Blood-red ruby

Session 31-1

Spring equinox

While recuperating in the New Steading the spring equinox arrived. But unlike normal the sun did not rise alone. For three days the sun rose eclipsed by the moon and on the dark sky a horned serpent could be seen hunting the eclipsed moon. On the forth day the sun rose as normal.

Session 31-2

The Nightwitches

A Week after the eclipse you arrived at the Borderlands Keep, a fortress that had seen much better days. Its crumbling walls reinforced with heavy palisades and from the battlements hung the Stranger's Dagger, a symbol of the Aspect of the Stranger within the Common Faith. After treating with it's guardians we were accepted into the walls and were given lodgings. You were told when the evening meal were to be served and heavily encouraged to participate in the labour of the day in exchange for their hospitality. During the meal you questioned the sisters about penny but none knowing about her and in frustration some harsh words were said. You were given until sunset the next day to be out of sight from the keep.

Session 31-3

A message

Returning from the evening meal Anton found a letter lying of his bed. Opening it he found it was from Penny who needed to talk about your presence here and told you to meet her on the rood of the collapsed keep by midnight. As the evening turned into night you made cunning plans to get there without being seen by the sisters. As you peeked out from your small lodge close to midnight you noticed something strange, all the sisters had been lulled into a deep sleep. Making your way across the courtyards and up on the keep you found Penny where she had told you she was going to be. While annoyed with your presence she had an ivitation to you from her mistress who wanted to meet you. Cautiously you accepted.

Session 31-4

Meeting Vecna

You were led through a secret passage among the rubble back of the keep, down into the keep's basement where you were led to Penny's mistress - the Lich-Goddess Vecna who once had summoned forth Zyggtmoy at the temple in Nub. After hearing her story, she was trying to destroy Zyggtmoy when the fool Cuthbert arrived, and listening to her proposal you agreed to assist each other. A few offhand remarks regarding Zarrah made her reveal her true nature of a Illithid, all while Vacna amused sipped some wine. Vecna not being much for needless wealth, but rich in knowledge, after a while got frustrated by Anton's nagging about wealth. So she plucked a gem from one of the statues of her, a blood-red ruby, and gave it to him. Zarrah on the other hand was mesmerized by her vast collection of rare tomes. In the end you had a plan to put into action
- Gather the elemental cores from Zyggtmoy's old prison under the temple of Nub
- Fashion a hook or similar implement strong enough to hook a Daemon Queen, a large horn would do the trick.
- The silver cords of the Gith would make excellent line to bind and reel her in with

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