Session 32: Against Good

Session 32: Against Good
Date July 20th
Ingame dates April 7th - 12th
Involved Anton, Dag, Zarrah

Session 32-1

Enter Highport

Using knowledge from your newfound ally, including the spell Teleportation Circle and knowledge of circles, you with great haste went to Highport for business. There you acquired new fancy armours, sold jewellery and got involved in pit fights. All while getting some days of great nice rest. During the pit fights Anton's haft took great joy in inflicting as much gore and violence as possible.

Session 32-2

Driving off Cuthbert

Once rested and ready you quickly went to Nub and it's temple. Still as eerie and quiet as before. Heading into it you found St Cuthbert where you left him. Suspicious of your return but his suspiciousness didn't last for long. As soon as he saw the blood-red ruby fastened in Anton's armour he lashed out against you, declaring you enemies of all that is good and holy. After a fierce fight against him and his companions, well the whole area, his divine presence was driven away. The way to the elemental nodes laid unguarded before you.

Session 32-L: Highport Shopping


Sold various treasure acquired over the course of your journey, 5050gp
Bought Armour of Defying Death
Bought various potions

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