Session 33: Multitasking

Session 33: Multitasking
Date July 27th
Ingame dates April 12th-14th
Involved Anton, Dag, Horizon Blink, Willy, Zarrah
Items Awarded Elemental cores, the Dark Grimoire of the Abyss

Session 33-1

The Elemental Cores

With the passages to the Elemental nodes, elemental pocket planes anchored by an elemental core, open you set out to gather the cores. After many trials and daring solutions you finally stood there wet, windblown, quaking and almost burning with all cores. Quickly teleporting back to Vecna's domain you handed them over to her and her arcane machines which powered up ready for their client.

Session 33-2

Conversations with Vecna

With the cores in place you set out to see if you get your hands on a daemon's horn, or similar. To aid you in your search Vecna lent you The Dark Grimoire of the Abyss. During your visit Vecna told you of a few things she had managed to figure out now that she have you to do her legwork. Shortly before Demogorgon surfaced on the material plane, and Zyggtmoy escaped, there was a surge of arcane energy from the underdark. Possibly from the drow metropolis of Menzoberranzan. It is a lead but nothing she knows how to act on, for the moment.

Session 33-3

Highport reading

Returning to Highport Zarrah set out to study the Dark Grimoire where she found both methods of how to draw daemons into the material plane and a good target to get a horn from, a Goristro. While Zarrah read her unholy book Dag found himself with some time to study the tome he had been given, an annal of the Dvergr and early Dwarven history. In it he found references to warriors later to be called battleragers operating out of two clanholds. Once called the Black Garrison and the other Everglow. Some vague notions of their location but nothing definitive.

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