Session 35: Going North

Session 35: Going North
Date August 17th
Ingame dates April 20th-29th
Involved Anton, Dag, Peter, Willy, Zarrah
Other Met Peter Custer

Session 35-1


As you teleported you found the teleportation circle not in Neva but at an old forgotten shrine in the hills outside the town. Walking towards town you passed by simple farms worked by simple people, town guard patrolling between the fields and outside one of the outermost farms you found a bloody young man sitting on his porch. He, in simple terms did not know what to do. Nor what he had had done. All he knew is that when he woke up he had the dagger in his hands, clothes and himself bloody and his brother lying in in his bed stabbed repeatedly. For Willy this was an not too unfamiliar scene, especially since the dagger the young man used was bound to him as Willy's first weapon was bound to him. All the young man could say in his defence was that he recently had felt trapped in a doomed place. But apart from that nothing. He was talked into handing himself over to the local authorities while Willy kept the dagger.

Session 35-2

Gearing up

Entering the town proper the young man was handed over to the local authorities and then the mostly wooden town of Neva was for you to experience. You saw plenty of wealth in town, well tailored garments and exquisite furs. There were the rich and the poor labourers, barely any in-between. Not taking any heed of that you found yourself at a general outfitter owned and operated by the Great Northern Exploitation Company, which at the time was not known to you. In there you made yourself antiquated with Peter Custer, an independent explorer and scout for the NECo. Seeing potential profit in you he lent you his employee discount and then recommended an inn for you to stay in during the visit. At the inn you got a bit more antiquated with each other and started planning for your northern expedition.

Session 35-3

A short visit

Resting at the Inn you suddenly had an unexpected visitor, a halfling presenting herself as Zora Nadiya along with a few town guards. Being the prime minister, and regent until Vasil Neva would come of age, she had quite a bit of interest in your strange party that arrived in her town. From eluding the scouts to convincing a murderer to turn himself in you had made an impression. Her cold and demanding manners prompted a similar response from you and without much else exchanged she left you to continue with your business.

Session 35-4

Northern adventures

Once you felt ready you left the inn and town itself as to not cause more suspicion by disappearing. Your new acquaintance, Peter Custer, had a bit of a idea where you were headed and the location of the teleportation circle. In those hills lies an old frontier settlement called Berin's Well currently supported by the NECo due to the availability of gold and other precious minerals in the area and opportunity for trade. Arriving at the well you found yourself in an underground chamber, passage up collapsed. After clearing that you emerged in the hills above the small settlement but decided to sneak away instead of getting tangled up in their intrigue and drama.

Session 35-5

Tastes like chicken

Several days north, along small paths across the hilly moorlands, you came upon a scene. Next to a large cairn laid the body of a native of the Lampi people and a large rooster-like creature slowly but surely devouring the body. After it being chased off Dag and Peter took a look at the body only for the greater host of creatures to spring their most (and too) cunning trap. Surrounded by basilisks and cockatrices you kept your eyes closed and hacked away at the monsters. At the end of the day you suffered only minor wounds. The cairn upon investigation you decided was some kind of boundary and/or trail marker.

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