Session 37: At the Lampi

Session 37: At the Lampi
Date August 31st
Ingame dates May 5th -19th
Involved Anton, Dag, Willy, Zarrah
Other Removed nightmare, learned about blood magic

Session 37-1

Insights into nightmare

Arriving at the Lampi herd you were escorted to a small sitting area while the Lampi curiously followed your walk through their camp. Once at the sitting area you were given some hearty food and were told someone would come and meet with you soon. As you finished your meal an elder Lampi arrived and you exchanged pleasantries, the tale of Greyhoof (of which he and Spotted Tail was aware of and concerned about) and about your nightmares. The elder told you that it was most likely the work of hags, one of which keeps cockatrices and basilisks as pets. Some of the Lampi had been affected by them in the past and they had either gone insane due to the lack of sleep or the hags had grown tired of them and the nightmares stopped that way. Knowing someone was the cause of the spell you cunningly waited until the nightmares came and then dispelled the spell. By all accounts it worked. When Zarrah was dispelling Anton's nightmare she took her time and learned as much as possible about the spell. It's workings she found was primal, primitive and was powered by blood. Upon the realization of them being powered by blood she connected a few dots and realized the hidden workings of the spells in the Eternal Legion's Journal was as well. But much more refined. And that she possibly could replicate it.

Session 37-2

A day with the Lampi

With your night sleep back, and needing a bit of rest in general, you decided to spend some time with the Lampi while getting your energies back. You participated in their daily life and that evening noticed something was happening. The Lampi had gathered. Moving cautiously Zarrah found her way to the gathering where she got to observe a Lampi funeral. The old elder had died and was placed upon a pyre. Behind it the most magnificent caribou Zarrah had ever seen stood. During the funeral the elder's regalia was passed on two the successor, like the regalia chose who. having seen enough Zarrah went back to the tent.

Session 37-3

Future of Spotted Tail

Later that evening the somewhat inebriated new Speaker of the Caribou, VerĂ¡, barged into your tent and started questioning you about all you knew about about the wolfs and Rivfader. Her tone changed quickly though becoming almost afraid. The short conversation ended with her asking what she should do in almost a surrendered tone. After getting her answers she left you and returned to the herd and the night. Next morning you woke up with the herd having packed up, moving away to new pastures. On a distant hill you again saw Spotted Tail and felt a refreshing wave of energy flow over you as it bid you farewell.

Session 37-4

The land of a thousand lakes

North of the land of the Lampi, the High Moors, you found the much wetter land of a thousand lakes. Stretching all the way to the the Great Ice Wall this large stretch of land is dominated by ever changing waterways and lakes fed by meltwater from the Great Ice Wall. It is also the hunting ground of the great ice dragons nesting in the wall. As you started crossing it you realized your carts would be nothing but a hindrance and you loaded your supplies directly on your mounts, and your backs. Nearing the end of your journey across the wet land tragedy struck you. First one of your mounts were taken by a giant albino snake, the Verschlingen, before it retreated back into it's swampy domain. Then a ice dragon descended upon you blasting you with it's icy breath but chased away by Anton. With the dragon away the wall was before you, and meltwater caves your entrance into it.

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