Session 39: The dreamlands

Session 39: The dreamlands
Date September 14th
Ingame dates May 19th-24th
Involved Anton, Dag, Willy, Zarrah
Items Awarded Silver cords

Session 39-1

With the mystics

Tired from your long journey across the northern lands, through frozen lands and ascending a mountain you spent a few days with the Guthzerai before starting your preparations to travel to the Astral sea through the Dreamlands. During the time you became aware of pygmies skirting the base of the peak, curious if you had been defeated or what your were up to.

Session 39-2


To find silver cords you had to get to a Githyanki outpost in the Astral Sea, to get to there you had to go from the Dreamlands and to enter the Dreamlands you had to dream. Putting your mortal bodies in the hands of the mystics you began exploring your Dreamlands. In the Dreamlands you found reality to not be fixed but those of strong will could conjure forth what they so desired. And it all mattered on perception. Some things were more permanent, those things considered to be what they are becomes fixed as that. With a basic understanding of the Dreamlands you set your eyes on the Githyanki outpost.

Session 39-3

The Githyanki outpost

Focusing your will on the silver cords and visualising yourself in their vicinity you projected your astral self to the outpost. You found yourself near a storeroom where a Githyanki wielding a magnificent Silver Sword was directing it's subordinates to get things stored away properly. After a short scuffle the sword-wielder leaped out the now three-walled room and started gathering reinforcements to bring to bear on you. Quickly locating the silver cords and whatever you could gather you hastily made your way back into the material plane. But in his looting frenzy Anton left something of his self behind.

Session 39-4

Sisters in need

With your ill-gotten gains you bid farewell to the mystics so you could get to Vecna as quickly as possible to hand over the cords. If there was something you ever were certain of it was that the Githyanki would go to great lengths to reclaim their cords. But it was not to be. As you arrived at Borderlands you smelled fire and smoke in the air and the passage to Vecna's lair was nowhere to be found, the pocket plane had closed it's connection. Making way to the surface you found Borderlands Keep under siege, the sisters exhausted and tired and hiding in the forest outside the walls a horde of trolls (and worse).

Session 39-L: From the Githyanki outpost


2 Silver cords of the Githyanki
Strange energy crystal
Regular Githyanki sword
Strange metal dust
Pattern-changing cloth

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