Session 40: Endings

Session 40: Endings
Date August 21st
Ingame dates May 24th-30th
Involved Anton, Dag, Zarrah

Session 40-1

A challenge

Asking the sisters you gained a bit of information about the siege: that it had been going on for days, none had really slept, Penny was out doing other things as usual and no real intelligence had been gathered about the opposing force. But your arrival had not been unnoticed and before long there was a rustling in the forest and heavly steps were heard. Brave and stupid as usual Anton leapt down on the other side on the wall and got ready to face whatever was coming for you. Out from the forest came a one-horned Goristron who had sensed the horn-cleaver having arrived. With the even battlefield it relished it's opportunity to take revenge. As it charged Anton, the horn-cleaver, it thanked Bathomet for sending it to it's minions. The Goristro, despite it's great strength and power, was banished to the Abyss but not without forcing Anton to call on powers that he should not have called upon.

Session 40-2

Lack of direction

Alerting Penny of the situation and requesting instructions only yielded that the Sisters were inconsequential and that you were to await further instructions. With Anton in a bad shape and Zarrah suffering ill effects from the Dreamlands you left the Sisters to fend for themselves and went to Soroka. Arriving in the monastery-town of Soroka Zarrah went to find a healer while Anton and Dag started to look for an official to bring news from Borderlands Keep.

Session 40-3


The official they found was from the beginning a bit suspicious as he had never seen then before and when Dag blurted out they had served at Borderlands Keep he knew something was up. After taking the information he promised to bring it those it concerns. After finding a good inn to recuperate in suspicious persons started showing up. Nothing obvious, just the sense of there always being someone watching. One such observer was a bit too obvious about it and drew Anton's attention. Being confronted he almost claimed harassment. But you knew you were on them, spending the rest of your time in Soroka watching the watchers you realized them all had something dark scarlet on them. Gloves, handkerchiefs, hats etc. It was always something.

Session 40-4


As Zarrah was suffering ill effects from her escape from the Dreamlands she went to find someone to cure her. Someone was found, but that someone was more of a scholar than a priest. After a bit of bartering Zarrah left feeling better than ever, with two new fresh spellscrolls and out only the Journal of 501st Eternal Legion. And that journal contained spells fuelled by blood…

Session 40-5

Back to Vecna's cold embrace

After receiving instruction on how to find Vecna's lair once again and having rested up you "hurriedly" travelled there. This time Vecna had anchored it in a sealed off hidden passage under the altar in her old temple at Nub. Finding you way through the sealing wards and walking past the guarding dead you finally got back to Vecna to hand over the cords. As you now had everything you needed to hook Zuggtmoy all you had to do was to declare you were ready to go. While you got ready Vecna and Penny welcomed their new "guest", a drow wizard by the name of Gromph Baenare who was the cause of all this daemon business. Exploring about a bit for treasure Anton stumbled upon a room filled with urns of various kind. Getting the feeling one was for him to take he took an orcish looking one. It it he found a shattered crown of an old warlord. As Dag got information about the room he decided to take a urn as well, his he found was filled with clay. Knowing that the progenitor of the dwarves, the dvergr, was made of clay he realized he carried the remains of one.

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