Session 41: Fungi madness

Session 41: Fungi madness
Date September 28th
Ingame dates June 1st
Involved Anton, Dag, Willy, Zarrah

Session 41-1

A new player in the Game

Once ready Vecna eagerly teleported you out from her domain and into the underdark with the intent of putting you not far from Neverlight. But after a shaky, which is unusual, passage you found yourself not near Neverlight as there was very little fungi around. Instead you found yourself a turn away from the Tower of Vengeance where you got invited in by it's lord, a drow arcanist, Vizeran DeVir. He had an offer for you, assist him in direly and expediently solving the daemon threat and he would make sure Vecna didn't find you. Despite the fine food and drink, lavish environment and that he saved from being put between a rock and a hard place you turned down his offer. As he bid you farewell he teleported you to not far from Neverlight, but not before giving Anton a small gem.

Session 41-2

A dear old friend

As you found your way close to Neverlight you found others with business there as well. Blocking your passage to the grove was a small warcamp and you quickly found your way to the leader. Or she found her way to you. You old companion Eldreth Feldrun who fell to Demogorgon was alive and looking better than before. Getting reacquainted you learned that she was given this host by Demogorgon to allow her to realize her goal. While small and ill equipped they had an ace in the sleeve, a stickly highly flammable black substance. And barrels worth of it.

Session 41-3

The battle for Neverlight

With you reinforcing Eldreth saw no reason to not launch the attack. You were given several barrels and were tasked with brining down the central fungi, and the heart of the colony, while Eldreth and her host provided a distraction. Making only part of the way undetected you were forced to bring attention upon yourself while fending off defending fungi. Afterwards you sprinted to the huge fungi, quickly positioned the barrels and set them, and the fungi, ablaze. During the blaze Willy inhaled a bit too much of the surrounding spores and got a vision of Zuggtmoy attempting to overpower a being stretching through most of the Underdark. You later learned this to be Araumycos. Meanwhile Eldreth had to you unknown allies who conjured forth huge slimes who started to feed on the millennia of fungi remains slowly revealing the clanhold beneath. At this point the fungi of Neverlight was doomed and could do little but succumb to your and Eldreth's forces.

Session 41-4

Friends are great

A few hours after the battle you found Eldreth on a balcony overlooking the former grove as a few of her surviving host came up to speak with her about the future home. Not realizing you were there Eldreth moved into position to push them off the balcony as "Everglow is of dwarves, and for dwarves". But before that Anton was upon her and a scuffle began. After a fierce struggle she was subdued and taken with you to Vecna to see if she could get rid of the daemon taint in Eldreth. After only a cursory interrogation of Eldreth Vecna told you the deal was done willingly and voluntarily and so would be hard to break. But you had other tasks more immediate.

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