Session 42: A royal task

Session 42: A royal task
Date October 5th
Ingame dates June 1st
Involved Anton, Dag, Seth, Willy, Zarrah
Other Zuggtmoy hooked

Session 42-1

A new friend, and an old friend

After catching your breath and having a new goal, the massive being that is Araumycos, you set out to once again attempt to catch Zuggtmoy. After a quick teleport to somewhere near the centre of the being you found yourself in fungi tunnels. Not any massive fungi as it was in Neverlight but smaller and more slime- and mold like. But you did not arrive alone as you found yourself in a group of various charmed and bewitched fungi and myconids who immediately took you for something hostile and attacked. In the scuffle you found Stool fighiting the enchantment and a new ally who was there seemingly in order to protect Stool.

Session 42-2

Into Araumycos

As things calmed down you acquainted yourself with the new arrival, a human by the name Seth Nido who showed skill with both spell and sword. He was there to protect Stool as his blade Koh had guided him. With Stool safe and breaking of of the trance it shared it's spores and what was happening: Zuggtmoy was going to meld, to unite, with Araumycos putting the enormous being under her control. He and his former troop were going to its centre for some ritual. With his guidance you set off. Many, many hours later you found the passage ahead of you filled with marching myconoids and various kind of spore servants. As time was of essence Stool offered to put you in direct contact with Araumycos and enter its mind.

Session 42-3

The queen of rot and fungi

Once in it's mind you found yourself on fungi paths hovering over an endless expanse, like the underdark had faded away only leaving Araumycos behind. Without too much effort you found you way to the centre of the mind where an enormous gaping skull jutted out of the fungi. As you approached Zuggtmoy appeared before you, well her astral projection, and you knew what had to be done. The horn with a silver cord was jammed into her and you battled both her and her corruption of Araumycos. As things looked grim she suddenly grimaced in pain and looked towards an unseen attacker muttering the name "Jubilex".

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