Session 43: Regicide

Session 43: Regicide
Date October 12th
Involved Anton, Dag, Seth, Willy, Zarrah
Other The end of Zuggtmoy (as we know it)

Session 43-1

A queen's plan foiled

When everything looked dire for you Zuggtmoy grimaced, looked at an unseen attacker and muttered Jubilex. With her nemesis assaulting her on the material plane, and you assaulting her astral projection she had to split her focus. From that moment on her fate was doomed. As she fell, and fell to Jubilex, Zarrah realized that you had only hooked her Astral Projection. Without her material form she would be difficult to keep contained. Quickly forcing yourself back to the material plane you made a wild dash to Jubilex as it was starting to devour her and escaped with what of Zuggtmoy's remains you could.

Session 43-2


With at least part of Zuggtmoy's material form you arrived back at Vecna's. As the connection between her astral form, which you had captured, and her material form was severed there was no time to spare to rebind her forms. Allowing Vecna to tap into Zarrah's and Seth's remaining arcane energies the three of you did what you needed. Zuggtmoy was bound to her body and then torn apart.

Session 43-3


While the Queen was vanquished all was not peaceful in Vecna's domain. She was a bit annoyed with you almost ruining her plan, dragging in strangers (Seth) and that Penny was still skulking around despite having orders to fetch Gromph's grimoire. To get away from it all Seth went topsite where he in the ruined temple found a nervous man. The man had found a scroll on his night stand and a note to deliver it to the "Priestess at the Temple". So Seth took the scroll and took it down. Back down Vecna scolded him for his idiocy of brining it down as it conjured forth a mighty deamon, a Balrog. The Balrog was sent to bring back Eldreth for his master, Demogorgon, as she belonged to him. But in a mighty show of resilience and force of personality Anton intimidated it to return empty handed. But not before extending an offer to the "Horncleaver" to join it's master and lead the armies of the Abyss. An offer Anton declined. With patience running low Vecna gladly whisked you away to get some peace and quiet, to return once you have rested and found out why Mistress Edralve of Highport was putting her nose in Vecna's affairs.

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