Session 44: Cannot talk about it

Session 44: Cannot talk about it
Date October 19th
Ingame dates June 2nd to 8th
Involved Anton, Dag, Willy, Zarrah

Session 44-1

Highport relaxation

Upon arriving in Highport in the old Stranger's temple you discreetly made your way to a nice inn and got rooms. While in town Anton, faithful to his routine, went selling and buying. Dag played around with the Dvergr clay and found it being absorbed by him, but cautious about the effects he decided to move carefully. And Zarrah scribed spells.

Session 44-2

The blackbird

The day after arriving in Highport Dag found a blackbird sitting on a window perch in your room with a scroll around its leg. Once the scroll was taken the blackbird flew away again but disappeared in black mist after a few wing strokes. The scroll contained a message from Mistress Edralve, she who escorted you out from town last time you were in Highport, who wished to meet you regarding an issue she was struggling with. Shortly after accepting to meet a discreet carriage was waiting for you outside which took you to her. After a short trip across town you found her in her office which you were invited into. She quickly got to the point, fighting clubs with a high turnover and making plenty of gold apparently operating without any of the Nine being involved. This business she wanted you to find out who was behind it and how she could take it over.

Session 44-3

Your own fight club

To find those behind the fighting clubs you decided to start up your own and see what bees would swarm around the honeypot. Anton and Dag started making their names around the other clubs. Zarrah soaked in the atmosphere of them while Willy was put in charge on location and organizing it. Many circuits around town was made to make sure you covered everything and prepared everything for you big night.

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