Session 46: Low dealings in Highport

Session 46: Low dealings in Highport
Date November 9th
Ingame dates June 10th-11th
Involved Anton, Dag, Seth, Willy

Session 46-1

Good Neighbour Alphonso

Being strongarmed out of your gold by men working for someone called Good Neighbour Alphonso wasn't something you enjoyed. Early the next day you set out to find him and get your gold back. After a few conversations you learned that he was one of the many landlords in Highport, persons who for a fee takes care of a neighbourhood. You also learned that Alphonso was liked well enough. But that didn't stop you from breaking into his house, making a mess, and forcing him to pay you back. During your "questioning" of him about some hooded figures, he mentioned another of the Nine, Ketta, as one who in some way is involved with them. As you left you found a small crowd outside who pelted you with rotten fruits and other spoiled food, hopefully just food, and forced you to run away.

Session 46-2

Further questions at the pits

While Fight Night! was a success you still havn't found who or whom was behind it all. So you decided to work the clubs again. After canvassing several of them you learnt
- The organisation of the clubs were as varied as the clubs themselves.
- A few fighters had been given "special pay" by an "unmemorable" person. These fighter had finished at positions seemingly at random
- Organizers hosting fights because others are doing it and there being profit in it. No known "first club"
- A few other fighter had been given runes, and all retired from the scene afterwards.
Your nightly endeavours could have ended with more questions than answers if not the suave man after one of Anton's wins talked to him about how refreshing he found it that not all invitees had retired as to not injure themselves before the Labyrinth.

Session 46-3

Return to Eldralve

Your lack of answers about the fighting pits did lead you to some conclusions. With enough knowledge of the situation you presented your findings to Edralve. As you had found no signs of anyone controlling it you were promised a good share of the profits once she takes control of it. Mentioning the Daemon connection, that the fighting pits being used as recruiting to a Daemon army, didn't elicit any response from her. Not that she she denied it, just that she didn't put much stock into it being an issue. For your hard work, and offering her his opportunity to expand her influence, she slid five heavy coin pouches over her desk to you totalling 2500g.

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