Session 47: For profit!

Session 47: For profit!
Date November 16th
Ingame dates June 12th-20th
Involved Anton, Dag, Seth, Willy, Zarrah

Session 47-1

The Wavefinder brothers

With newfound wealth you went shopping for various things. At one point Dag got approached by two kinsmen, Dorgk and Karlb Wavefinder, who needed his help. Since the gates to the Goldenhollow clan had been closed they were in need of a dwarf in good standing to act as their ambassador. Not denying any of the titles they put on him Dag agreed and an agreement were made. The next morning the caravan set out.

Session 47-2

The hillfolks

The hills east of Highport, the low mountains, is home to more than dwarves. Several tribes of hillfolk also inhabit the region. And not even far from Highport the first signs of the tribes were seen, goat heads mounted on spikes, and it became clear you were entering into thier territory. After some minor interactions with an unknown tribe you found yourself one day with your path blocked. A single tribesman said that unless tribute were paid your animals would not move. After some heated discussions, including right of ownership and control of land and taxation, an agreement were made. You were to transport a small amulet into the dwarven halls, then your debt would be paid. With the path ahead once again clear you went on your way and once free of their prying eyes the amulet was examined. Upon the realisation it was a conduit to let the hillfolk's honoured dead into the world you buried it.

Session 47-3

The Goldenhollow situation

From the hillfolk you also learnt a bit about the dwarves in Goldenhollow. Several years ago they swarmed out from their halls and started hunting, killing and displacing the hillfolk. Fighting valiantly they were still no match for dwarven arms and armour and they were driven away deeper into the hills. Then about half a year go the dwarves retreated back inside their gates and shut them.

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