Session 49: Shattered illusion

Session 49: Shattered illusion
Date December 7th
Ingame dates June 21st-22nd
Involved Anton, Dag, Willy, Zarrah
Items Awarded Dvergr clay

Session 49-1


With the knowledge that a group of mounted dwarven cavaliers were coming you decided to set up defences and prepare to hold the garrison against the onslaught. In an effort to keep the prisoners in check Zarrah revealed her true form and ate a brain. As you slept that night some of you had dreams of a fist sized gem, more lustrous than you had ever seen before. And you also saw its location, in the Goldenhollow throne room, just sitting there waiting for you to claim it. During the preparations Dag used more of Dvergr clay, attuning himself more to his primordial ancestry gaining powers over rock and stone. Limited for now.

Session 49-2

Second wave

As the cavaliers arrived they cave you an ultimatum, to vacate the garrison and leaving the goods. Doing that before dawn the next day and you would be free to go. Knowing you would never pass up all that wealth you declined their offer and battle was joined. After a bloody battle you "prevailed" but as Diesa, daughter of Oloric a cousin of Old Torgrynn the Gilded fell something strange happened. The assailants all faded into dust, a fine white sand was all that was left of them. The caravan's escort were mostly slain and Anton standing in the midst of some of them with a bloody axe. With the illusion shattering you realised very few things had been real since your arrival. The garrison itself didn't even show signs of recent habitation, like it had been abandoned for the better part of half a year. With obvious daemonic influences, several signs pointing towards Fraz-Urb'luu, you left in a hurry using a teleportation circle to get back to Vecna.

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