Session 51: Labyrinthine adventures

Session 51: Labyrinthine adventures
Date December 21st
Ingame dates Unknown
Involved Anton, Dag, Willy, Zarrah

Session 51-1

The alternative to you

Exploring the Labyrinth you came upon a tower, entering it you found your competitor. They knew what was at stake and knew they had to defeat you to be able claim what the Labyrinth had offered them. During the fight and afterwards you learnt that Vizeran DeVir had found some other adventurers and they had come quite a bit on their path to helping Vizerna fulfil his goal.

Session 51-2


As you were resting in the tower Willy dozed off a bit and found himself without you somewhere else. In a chamber beyond the room he woke up in he found something, a sword with a presence in itself. Naming itself Omniel, the one who charged too far only to fall off and hinting that it was a fallen celestial. It offered Willy to wield it, but only if he rejected and cast off his patron. That Willy did, without much hesitation. Moments later Willy found himself back in the tower with the rest of you, and Omniel in his lap.

Session 51-3

The misty door

After yet more exploration of the Labyrinth you had found a portal taking you to "the end". There you found yourself in a mighty hall, with a ceiling so high it was barely visible and supported by mighty columns. But you found yourself not alone, gnolls came crawling down the columns toward you and charging you from elsewhere in the chamber. As you fought them the hall began to crumble and as to not fall with the floor you leapt after a mad dash through a misty door.

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