Session 54: To the Maw

To the Maw
Date January 18th
Ingame dates Labyrinth +9-12
Involved Anton, Dag, Willy, Zarrah
Items Awarded Robe of the Eyes

Session 54-1

Towards the Maw

At the bottom of the elevator you found only minor remains of your lost tent, who or what dragged it away you chose to leave to their own fate. On your journey across the Shalelands, in the deepdark, you encountered Jubilex infested fomorians, the Ghost possessing Zarrah manifested to foretell danger, weird crystals absorbed into Dag's clay body and Anton tempted by some presence in various crystals who offered him too little.

Session 54-2

Into the Maw

Drawing closer to Karazikar's lair the presence of the beholder started to make itself known, a sense of being watched laid itself over you. As you entered the outer tunnels you were met by Shedrak of the Eyes, first watcher of Karazikar, who invited you to treat with him. But it never got that far as you slew him before he could react. Before his body could start to cool his Robe of the eyes was stripped of him and his staff with an eye on top shattered.

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