Berin's Well

Berin's Well
Type Fortified village
Location Southern end of West Berin lake
Ruler Old Grigor
Population 15-ish settlers
Prosperity Poor

Berin's Well lies in the hills south of West Berin Lake, where the stream that gives the settlement it's name emerges from it's subterranean passages. Sheltered from the northern winds by the surrounding hills it have been a favoured settlement for millennia. With extensive reuse of materials it's hard to tell where one period in its history begins and another ends. It is only known that Berin's well have been abandoned multiple times only to be resettled anew.

Currently the settlement is being funded by the Great Northern Exploitation Company with a clear goal to have it large enough to support gold extraction from the area around it. With plenty of game around and rich fishing in both river Wizna and the Berin Lakes it "just" needs manpower to thrive.

Current leader of the effort is Old Grigor, a veteran outdoors man and ranger. He knows the land well and how to tame it.

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Session 35-4

Northern adventures

Once you felt ready you left the inn and town itself as to not cause more suspicion by disappearing. Your new acquaintance, Peter Custer, had a bit of a idea where you were headed and the location of the teleportation circle. In those hills lies an old frontier settlement called Berin's Well currently supported by the NECo due to the availability of gold and other precious minerals in the area and opportunity for trade. Arriving at the well you found yourself in an underground chamber, passage up collapsed. After clearing that you emerged in the hills above the small settlement but decided to sneak away instead of getting tangled up in their intrigue and drama.

Secret Stuff

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