Black Rock Castle

Black Rock Castle
Type Castle
Location Black Rock, Ubersreik
Ruler General Jendrick von Dabernick

Black Rock Castle is enormous, easily the largest fortification in the southern Vorbergland. Built 800 years ago by House Bruner, the castle was occupied by the Jungfreuds in the late 1900s and is now synonymous with their rule. It is warren of halls, salons, barracks, and private chambers, beneath which lie the extensive
Ubersreik dungeons, where many Jungfreud enemies spent their remaining years. Te castle’s corridors, which once thronged with servants, now ring with the hollow echo of the invaders’ footsteps. The huge freplace in the Great Hall — once a beacon welcoming guests — lies empty and unlit. General Jendrick von Dabernick now rules the castle, and he puts on a good show of ruling the rest of Ubersreik with all the power and none of the responsibility of a duke. Von Dabernick is the scion of a minor noble line with a historic grudge against the Jungfreuds, and has a distant claim on Ubersreik from centuries ago. An abrasive presence, he is determined to root out any sympathisers for the exiled Jungfreuds, which earns him few friends locally.

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