Type City
Location Middledark, on the shores of the Darklake
Ruler Deepking Horgar Steelshadow V
Population 10000 Duergar, 2000 Derro, 50 Stone giants and an unknown amount of slaves
Prosperity Rich

The capital of the Duergar in the region. A mighty city with forges burning day and night.

Notable items

Locations within


Session 7-4


With your new guide Hemeth skillfully guiding you across the Darklake you found yourselves at the Gracklstugh docks before long. There you were greeted by some guards who after you declared you were carrying Wreit's fungi started acting suspiciously. Since the fungi were of the narcotic variety non-Duergar weren't allowed to be in the possession of them, so they would have to be confiscated. You got the feeling one of the packs would "disappear". Before any illicit activity could happen their Sergent ended his invisibility and set his guards straight. The fungi was confiscated, but you were promised a message would be sent to Saltbaron, Wreit's patron, telling him to pick them up and if he so felt inclined to award you. You were also told to quarter yourself at Ghohlbrorn's Lair, the only inn for non-duergar. Once you had got your rooms you went to the market to sell the wares you had so far acquired. The Mundane cup you had found in the sarcophagus earlier you got identified as the Drunks' Bane.

Session 8-1


After resting, recovering and getting themselves together the Motley Crew went out into Gracklstugh once again, this time to find someone who knows how to get get to the surface. Shooshar, now with his village's remaining young in his care, decided to stay behind, refusing to leave them. So to the market you went and learnt that there is a trading outpost, Mantol-Derith, which serves as the connection between the Lands Above and the Underdark. But most traders, merchants and such only vendors what other are brining into Gracklstugh you were told to seek Ylsa of Clan Henstak, one of the caravan clans.

Session 8-2

Not going places

After finding you way to the Henstak caravan office you quickly found the caravan master who told you that there were no caravans going in your desired direction for several weeks. And neither could they spare a guide for you. Disheartened you started thinking about your options, and Saltbaron hadn't gotten back in touch with you. But then you decided to seek Ylsa and see if she perhaps could help. You after all had a bit of coin and perhaps could hire a whole caravan. Allowed access to her she quickly saw the usefulness of you being outsiders as she had a small issue that had been eating away at her. The Derro, the underclass in Gracklstugh, at some of their affairs with her and her merchants had used coins not native to the Underdark but coming from the lands above. Being an inquisitive woman she needed to know how these coins got into the hands of the Derro. Promising a guide to a trading post called Mantol-Derith you agreed to assist her. To be able to move a bit more freely in the city she also gave you a few brooches signalling you being in her service.

Session 8-3

Madness on a Giant scale

With a path to a way out of the darkness you started your investigation. Failing to capture the most fabulous of Derro, Droki, you learnt that he runs errands delivering items to some of the duergar merchants. And that he comes and goes from Lauduger's furrow, the large cleft dividing Gracklstugh into two parts and is the ghetto like residence for the Derro. Making your way towards the furrow you ran into, or it ran into you, a two-headed completely mad giant. You did manage to fell it but not before the fall of Kerra Eisir. When the Giant laid still on the ground, so did she and her shiny gem was nowhere to be found. Fashionably late, the leader of the giants in Gracklstugh, stonespeaker Hgraam, arrived at the scene along with some Duergar soldiers. Sad that his kin laid slain he offered to ask the stone to bring Kerra back, the least he could do. A short walk later you entered the Caingorn Cavern, the home of the giants in Gracklstugh, and Kerra was lain on a stone altar. Gathering around the small enclave of giants joined Hgraam's ritual to bring Kerra back.

Session 9-1

Still movements

In Caingorn cavern, the domain of the stone giants in Gracklstugh, stonespeeker hgraam began the ritual to bring your companion Kerra back to life. As it goes on the whole cavern appears to shake, the strange mist you encountered before softly change colours and Hgraam doing all he can to bring har back. Almost fainting from the exhausting ritual Hgraam is forced to abandon the efforts to being her back, "The stone is not responding, shaking and is restless". Offering to care for her remains you leave, mourning the loss of yet another companion. Outside the cavern a simply yet well-dressed Duergar, Hemeth who guided you to Gracklstugh, calls upon your attention in this time of grief bringing a message that his employer Saltbaron is waiting for you in your quarts at the Ghohlbron's lair.

Session 9-2

Meeting Saltbaron

In your quarters at the Ghohlbron's Lair you found Saltbaron waiting for you. After shooing away your invisible followers and making sure there were no unseen ears or eyes around he tanked you for brining his wares to Gracklstugh. And since you appeared to be reliable adventurers he asked you to find an item some contractors of his were holding out on him and blackmailing him with. Knowing an egg was stolen from the journal you found in Shooshar's island in the Darklake you pieced together his vague indications in that it in fact was the egg he had stolen for him. To entice your interest he quickly flashed a parchment, a map with detailed surveys and comments of most tunnels between Gracklstugh and Menzoberranzan. And from the quick glance it appeared to as well have exits into the lands above. With such a reward you felt you couldn't refuse the offer. Saltbaron, before leaving, told you that his contractors had a den in the Whorlstone Tunnels but only knowing about the entrance to them through Lauduger's furrow. And to assist you in the reclamation he presented you with Zarra T'sarran, a wizard that had been of service to him.

Session 9-3

Plowing the furrow

Resting up a bit after your encounter with the giant and the loss of a companion you spent the time getting a bit familiar with Zarrah. Once fresh you set out to find the Whorlstone tunnels and the only exit you knew of is down in the furrow. Entering it you quickly realized the difficulty of the search as the walls of the furrow almost contained more tunnels and small caverns than wall. And the Derro themselves were not much help, most revelling in their madness. But in the chaos and squabbling noise of the furrow you were discovered by a Derro savant, a not-so-mad Derro leader, who at the discovery of you decided to hold a feast for the occasion. In a large cavern tables were set and a feast in your honour were held. In the Derro crowd around you you spotted your old friend Buppido the Derro, who had abandoned you and the Motley crew upon arriving in Gracklstugh.

Session 9-4

An old acquaintance

Quickly following Boppido but loosing him as he went deeper into the caverns you still managed to track him to his lair. At it you encountered it the horrors of it struck you as he presented you with his "masterpiece", bodies strewn around the room in a pattern unknown to you. With no interest in contributing to it nor any approval of it at all Buppido resorted to making you contribute to it by force. Stitched together corpse abominations rose, the dead rose and Buppido's unholy altar begun emitting necrotic energies. Corpse abominations unstitched, dead laid dead and the altar destroyed became the result and all Buppido's efforts nil.

Session 9-5

Capturing Droki

Leaving the carnage of Buppido's lair behind you the most fancy Derro Droki pass before you before darting in through a fungi patch. Taking up the chase you did your best effort but Droki quickly got away from you. Once again alone in the tunnels you started your exploration. In a high-celing cavern Zarrah let some of the strange mist, also known as Faerzeress, affect her and she got a a vision of recent past in Gracklstugh. Avoiding obviously spider-infested tunnels you suddenly saw Droki coming towards you. Taking a lower path Anton and Willy made common cause and jumped him from a ledge and managed to get him beneath them. With Droki in custody the questioning him began, and robbing him. Some arcane scrolls were found, his boots stolen and you learnt that he was going to make some deliveries, the most important deliveries as are all his deliveries, to some Duergar in dark. In a stoke a genius you tricked him into leading you to them by hiring his services as a messenger. Not wanting him to get away you leashed the poor mad Derro like a dog.

Session 10-1

A Derro on a leash

With Droki on a leash and very eager to continue his errants, without boots, he led you along his path. And right into where some Derro held in cages some now starved owlbears. Seeing Droki leashed by strangers they quickly released the owlbears who decided you looked like dinner. With the owlbears and their handlers dispatched Droki pulled you towards a narrow crack in the wall, directing you towards it. As all of you, including Droki, were too big for the crack he told you to eat some pygmywort fungi. Eating some, Droki shrank to fit into the crack and got free of the rope. Quickly following his example you took up the miniature hunt of him. But Droki is Droki and knew these passages like the back of his hand so he easily ran away from you. Again.

Session 10-2

A trap!

Following the crack Drocki ran away from you in, you before long emerged in a larger cavern. Hiding in the fungi patch at the crack you saw Droki handing over some items to the Derro savant in the cavern before heading away again. Catching a glimpse you spotted a ritual of some kind on a terrace. Deciding that they were not who you were looking for you decided to try and sneak past, but were heard. With the Derro cultists and their pets coming after you it was time to bolt, and Dag bolted straight into a pittrap. Once you got him up the cultist were on you. Spells slung, friendly fireballs exchanged and the Derro savant roasting Prince Derendil with a mighty lightning bolt.

Session 10-3

Twice incriminated

With the Derro cultists slain and Prince Derendil as well you took a look at what the cultists were up to. In the centre of the ritual you saw a small statue resembling a giant with a clay extra head attached. You also found a small box, the same box Droki had on him before, with some giant hairs and toenail clippings. And the most incriminating of all, a small journal with a paper listing all the giants in the Cairngorn Cavern. Looking further through the journal, apart from arcane schematics, you found what resembled an inventory ledger and with how and what payed with. Several occasions of surface coins which "appeared out of thin air at the obelisk", and that the obelisk were taken over by the Duergar. Well tested you decided to for now head out of the Whorlstone tunnels and to report some of your findings. Telling Stonespeaker Hgraam about the Derro cultists and their rituals made the normally calm and cautions giant burst into rage. After rewarding you he called his entourage to gather, he had some words to give to the Duergar king.

Session 10-4

Rats ratting

Knowing, more or less, who stole Themberchaud's egg you decided to seek out the dragon to tell on Saltbaron. Finding your way to it's lair it's keepers were forcefully ordered to let you in. Inside you found the corpulent dragon sitting on a pile of treasure enjoying a slave-snack. Telling the dragon what you knew you earned it's gratitude, but not before it got the chance to taunt Zarrah for her influence enabling the theft to take place. Feeling generous Themberchaud allowed the party grab what treasure they desired, but they had to be clear of it before the carcass hit the ground. Then he started flying up with a cow-like carcass in it's claws, and you dove in.

Session 11-1

Feeling treasured

Emerging from the treasure pile before the carcass it the ground you found yourself carrying various items, trinkets and other items. Thanking Themberchaud for it's generosity you humbly left it's lair, but not before it reminding you to bring it's egg back. After traversing the city you locked yourself in your quarters at the Ghohlbron's Lair and started to figured out what you had. Two days later you emerged decked almost from head to toe with magical equipment. And Anton found a friend.

Session 11-2

Back to ratting

Once again you headed to the Whorlstone tunnels, approaching the furrow you noticed the Duergar presence was higher than before. Many more guards and soldiers were guarding it. Once in the tunnels you made your way back to where you last saw Droki, the Derro cultist cavern, and from there made you way deeper inside. Finding a pit with a bunch of corpses, some devouring the other and a claw wearing a very fancy ring you decided the ring would be yours. Some moved and trampled on dead later the ring was in your posses, a mundane obsidian ring with a loving message carved into it. Further on you found, and broke down a pair of giant stone doors, and even further down those tunnels you found the obelisk.

Session 11-3

Mad records

In the chamber, by and around the Obelisk, hooded Duergar moved about. A sense that something were off but not concerning yourself with it. With the Duergar occupied and not not aware intruders you started to make your way into the cavern sneakily. But you didn't get far before a voice rang out in your head "I AM THE KEEPER OF RECORDS YOU ARE INTERFERING WITH EVENTS AS THEY SHOULD UNFOLD LEAVE OR YOUR WILL BE REMOVED SO EVENTS CAN HAPPEN AS THEY SHOULD" and behind you a beholder floated down from it's observation terrace. It's eyestalks looking skittishly in every and all directs, it's big eye similarly. Not following it's advice the Duergar and it assaulted you. Eyebeams shooting wildly, mostly to do effect. Duergar stabbing with immaterial blades. When the beholder laid before you and the Duergar were dispatched you were relatively unscathed. And on a pedestal near the Obelisk you found what you were looking for, the egg.

Session 11-4

Egg scramble

With your prize, the egg, carefully wrapped up you returned to Themberchaud who with a certain glee took it and declared your service fulfilled and ordered you to leave. A you left you heard in the distance a sound not too different to an egg being cracked.

Session 11-5

Getting directed

Now knowing how the strange coins got into Derro hands, the Obelisk, you returned to Ylsa with your findings. Needing to collaborate your strange tale she said she would get back to you within a few days. And once she had it collaborated she got back to you and as promised sent a guide to take you to Mantol-Derith. Packing up you found the guide, Dimorg, waiting at your boat ready to take away from Gracklstugh.

Secret Stuff

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