Grauer Palast

Grauer Palast
Type Castle
Location Black Rock, Ubersreik
Owner Lady Emmanuelle Nacht

Te Grauer Palast is a squat keep to the north-east of Black Rock Castle. It was long used as the official residence of the Baron of Lady’s Vale, the heir to the duchy of Ubersreik. It contains the largest ballroom in the Vorbergland, and is where the Jungfreuds once conducted their social functions and weddings. The keep now houses Lady Emmanuelle Nacht, the Imperial Herald, and the true power in Ubersreik. Te daughter of Duke Gregor Nacht, an ex-ambassador to Grand Cathay, she lived most of her childhood in the East. Nacht’s life changed when her father was assassinated six years ago, which led her to the Imperial Court in Altdorf seeking answers. She would be there still, investigating the ‘Purple Hand’, a mysterious group she believes is responsible for her father’s death, were it not for Emperor Karl-Franz’s personal request to oversee the pacification of Ubersreik.

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